Aporajeyo Bengali Movie Review!

Discover the essence of the Bengali film Aporajeyo, where veteran actor Shubhankar Sanyal shines as Ranjit Mallick, effortlessly captivating audiences with his charismatic presence and indomitable spirit.

Shubhankar Sanyal becomes Ranjit Mallick again to suppress the 'Enemy', how is it 'Aporajeyo'? 

From the beginning to the end of the movie 'Aporajeyo' there is only one person, he is Subhankar Sanyal aka Ranjit Mallick.

Aporajeyo Bengali Movie Review

The entire screenplay is arranged keeping in mind his image. Ranjit Mallick maintains his cool in the film. This movie can be seen only for him.

Shubhankar Sanyal revolves around all the events of the film, the rest are all his companions! 

Actors Falguni Chatterjee, late Mrinal Mukherjee, Laboni Sarkar as wife and their son, son's wife, grandson.

Sumit, a gangster of the neighbourhood, becomes a "good man" after meeting Shubhankar Sanyal. And if necessary, Shubhankar Sanyal can also fight.

Sometimes seeing him reminded me of the old Bengali movie 'Shatru'. In the film, the expatriate sons of both Shubhankar Sanyal and Ranjan do not want to return to this country, prefer to live happily and comfortably abroad.

Aporajeyo Bengali Movie

In such a situation Ranjan falls ill. Shubhankar Sanyal also appeared as a saviour to him. Aporajeyo produced by Srimoti Sumna Kanjilal Mojotel Entertainments and Divya Films.

Shyam Daga wrote the story of the film along with the production. Director Nehal Dutta has made the entire movie from commercial point of view.

Wanted to give some feel good moments to the audience. But there have been many changes in the present social structure. 

The family structure has also changed. It would be good to keep that in mind while writing the screenplay.

Even so, the director could not maintain continuity in many places. 

Anyway, director Nehal Dutta has made the movie for business, but the funny thing is that he has not put any romantic actor and actress in the story, no dance or song.

While the director faced some continuity issues throughout the film, he made a few unconventional choices that set Aporajeyo apart from typical commercial fare.

Aporajeyo Bengali Film

Notably, there are no romantic lead actors, and the film eschews the traditional dance numbers and songs – except for a single song at the end, "Jodi Paris Ekane Aye," performed by Rupankar Bagchi

Although the placement of this song could have been more strategic, it offers a melodious conclusion to the film.

Yes, there is a song at the end of the movie. Rupankar Bagchi is sing this song. This song is very nice. The song is "Jodi Paris Ekane Aye".

But it would have been better if this song had been placed elsewhere in the film. I have already talked about Ranjit Mallick's acting. He alone handled the screenplay.

Falguni Chatterjee, late Mrinal Mukherjee, Laboni Sarkar did not leave any flaws in their work. But there is a fear, the change in the thinking of the audience, will they crowd the cinema hall?

Shubhankar Sanyal's portrayal of Ranjit Mallick is undoubtedly the highlight of Aporajeyo, as he single-handedly carries the narrative weight. 

The supporting cast, including Falguni Chatterjee, the late Mrinal Mukherjee, and Laboni Sarkar, deliver flawless performances that complement Shubhankar Sanyal's tour de force. 

However, the question remains: Will the evolving tastes and preferences of modern audiences draw them to the theaters for a film that defies conventional commercial expectations?

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