Datta Bengali Movie Review!

Actress Rituparna Sengupta flops despite her best efforts; read the "Datta" Bengali movie review! Making a movie based on Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's novel is sure to be a market success.

Datta Bengali Movie Review

Perhaps that's the reason why Nirmal Chakraborty left the photojournalism profession! The interesting fact is that the story of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's 'Datta' has been filmed twice in Bengali.

First in 1951. Produced by actress Sunanda Debi. She herself played the lead character, Bijoya, in the film directed by Soumen Mukherjee. However, Sunanda Debi's performance in that film was not much appreciated.

Anyway, 'Datta' was filmed for the second time by director Ajay Kar in 1976. Then popular actress Suchitra Sen played the role of Bijoya.

Datta Bengali Movie

The presence of Suchitra Sen created enthusiasm among the general audience for this film.

This time, in the third edition, Rituparna Sengupta not only played the role of Bijoya but also took on the responsibility of producing the film.

New director Nirmal Chakraborty may need some help. But will the film be successful at the box office? The question is about the production quality of 'Datta'.

Datta Bengali Film

First, the big question is how much the old story will appeal to today's audience. Screenwriter Sumit Banerjee did not deviate that much from the original novel.

That was necessary considering the current audience. Maybe the producer-director will say that they did not dare make any changes to Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's story.

But in the current view, if the audience wants a new interpretation of the popular story, why would it be unfair? We have seen many new interpretations of Shakespeare's plays and stories.

Datta Bengali Cinema

While staying true to the story, they have only created a love story in the background of the twenties and thirties of the last century. None of the additions could join.

Without going into the story, the tenacity of Bijoya's character and her protest against the male-dominated arrogance, as played by Suchitra Sen with personality, Rituparna Sengupta has only attempted.

Bijoya's personality and protest lack that fervour. Her makeup was also not smooth throughout the film. Joy Sengupta has become Naren

Datta Movie

I didn't like the comedy twist of his performance; the character became a little too playful.

Saheb Chatterjee, in the role of Bilas, brought the villain rather well. Bishwanath Chakraborty has adapted the role of Rasbihari

But the character of Nalini (Devlina Kumar) should have been given a little more space in the script.

Datta Film

This third 'Datta' could have had a different look if they had given a fraction of the attention they paid to the film's filming and artistry to create the setting and old-time atmosphere.

There is only one plus point to this film: the background music by Joy Sarkar. The use of Rabindra Sangeet is more dramatic than the previous films and also beautiful as a prelude.

Director Nirmal Chakraborty stumbles a bit in his first steps. Hopefully, he'll be a little more aware next time.

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