Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd Bengali Movie Review!

Looking for a good laugh and a scare at the same time? Look no further than Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd. This hilarious horror-comedy will have you rolling in the aisles and jumping out of your seat.

Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd Bengali Movie Review
Looking for a film that blends side-splitting humor with spine-tingling scares? Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd delivers big laughs and even bigger frights in one hilarious horror-comedy not to be missed.

The Plot

Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd follows a team of paranormal investigators who are called to a haunted house to investigate strange occurrences.

The team consists of four members - an exorcist, a psychic, a ghost hunter, and a tech guy. They soon discover that the ghost haunting the house is not what it seems, and things take a hilarious turn.

Hilarious Performances Meet Terrifying Scares

While investigating the paranormal occurrences, the team dynamic leads to no shortage of comedic moments. 

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty brings the laughs as the straight-faced exorcist priest, delivering the most outrageous lines with complete sincerity. 

And Rittika Sen draws continual chuckles with her deadpan portrayal of the questionable psychic.

But the comedy isn’t constant—it punctuates legitimately scary scenes focused on unraveling the mystery of the haunted house. 

Striking the ideal balance between laughs and frights, director Haranath Chakraborty delivers a horror-comedy that provides equal parts humor and terror.

The Cast

The film boasts a talented cast, with each actor delivering a standout performance. Sabyasachi Chakrabarty shines as the exorcist, bringing a gravitas to the role while also delivering some of the film's funniest lines.

Rittika Sen is also excellent as the psychic, with her deadpan delivery adding to the humour of the film.

The Spot-On Pacing Pulls You In

Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd moves at a brisk pace, seamlessly transitioning between laugh-out-loud scenes showcasing the team’s dysfunctional dynamics and edge-of-your-seat moments focused on paranormal encounters. 

The rapid pacing paired with the perfect combination of scares and jokes makes it impossible not to get invested in the ghost hunters’ misadventures.

The Direction

Director Haranath Chakraborty does an excellent job of balancing the horror and comedy elements of the film. The scares are genuinely creepy, while the humour never feels forced or out of place.

The film's pacing is also spot-on, with the action and comedy coming at just the right moments.

Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd Bengali Movie

The Music

The film's soundtrack is also worth mentioning. Composed by Savvy Gupta, the music perfectly complements the film's tone and adds to the overall enjoyment of the viewing experience.

Complementing both the humor and horror is Savvy Gupta’s soundtrack. The creepy, tension-building music establishes an atmosphere of dread in the scary scenes. 

Alternating with upbeat, zany tunes matching the paranormal investigation team’s personalities, the score encapsulates the film’s ability to skillfully blend funny and frightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of movie is Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd?
Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd is a horror-comedy blending genuinely scary moments with outrageous comedic scenes.

Who stars in the movie?
The film stars Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as the exorcist priest and Rittika Sen as the questionable psychic medium.

Who directed Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd?
Haranath Chakraborty directs the movie, striking the perfect balance between frightening and funny scenes.

What is the plot of Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd?
The movie follows a dysfunctional team of ghost hunters—including an exorcist, psychic, tech specialist, and self-proclaimed ghost expert—investigating paranormal events in a haunted house.

Is Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd worth watching?
Yes! For fans of horror-comedies that deliver big laughs along with terrifying scares, Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd is a must-see.


Overall, Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd is a must-watch for fans of horror comedies. With its talented cast, excellent direction, and perfect balance of scares and laughs, this film is sure to become a cult classic. 

For a movie that will make you shriek in terror one minute and double over laughing the next, look no further than Bhootchakra Pvt Ltd

Bolstered by a talented cast fully committing to the outlandish premise, skilled direction delivering a ideal combination of scares and jokes, plus a haunting soundtrack, this horror-comedy should not be missed. 

Sit back and prepare for a wildly entertaining rollercoaster alternating between hilarity and horror. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by Bhootchakra Pvt. Ltd.

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