Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E Bengali Movie Review!

Vikram Chatterjee and Solanki Roy won hearts by pairing up on the silver screen in the pure love film "Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E."

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E Bengali Movie Review

Loving this city, loving friendship, loving like writing a diary, even if the pages turn yellow, time is not old. The whirlwind of memories continues in the water, air, and sun around the city.

Director Aritra Sen has made such a mind-blowing film. This film moves to the core of the soul. Aritra Sen's previous film was set in London, and this film is set in Kolkata.

But the director, Aritra Sen, was not as distracted from love as before. The pairing of Vikram Chatterjee and Solanki Roy is a must to make his story a success.

Their mutual understanding and the ups and downs of action reactions are so spontaneous that it is amazing to see them on screen.

Many will go back to their college days to see their pair. "Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E" puts a stop to the nostalgia lane.

The route covers Decker's Lane, Sufia, Maidan, and Newmarket. The heat of care and love throughout this film gives us some ideas.

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E Bengali Movie

In the story, Ritoban (Vikram Chatterjee) is a PhD scholar, but his real passion is photography.

Returned to the country after spending almost five years abroad. He has come for his old friendships, relationships, and loves; he is looking for new ones, hoping to get them back. He loves Anindita (Solanki Roy).

Anindita is now a radio jockey. Once, she wanted to study abroad. The pull towards the city, the pull towards her father have stuck her in this country.

In the changed circumstances, her marriage is fixed with Siddhartha (Anindya Chattopadhyay). At the time when Ritoban returns to the city. He meets old friends one by one.

Rehan is now a successful businessman; Sayak wants to be an established singer all his life; and there is a faithful girlfriend, Christine, who is fighting for her life.

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E Bengali Film

It is better to see in the film whether the tone of the relationship will be the same as in the past. The bond of friendship between the five people, despite coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, is still not broken; this is evident as the film progresses.

I loved the moments of Ritoban and Anindita's ambivalence at the reunion. The audience will enjoy floating on the high-voltage waves of love and pride. The climactic twist of the film is memorable.

Nabarun Bose and Akash Chakraborty's music captures the mood of the film quite well. The best Lagnajita Chakraborty song is "Amar Shohor Jeno Ek Mosto Time Machine". I like Arnab Das and Timir Biswas songs too.

Beautiful cinematography by Basudeb Chakraborty. Some of the dialogue is a bit too poetic, which felt a bit forced.

But hearing the dialogue 'Friendship comes with an expiry date' in the mouth of Debapriya Mukhopadhyay is a shock to the chest.

Shohorer Ushnotomo Din E Bengali Cinema

Rahul Dev Bose and Anamika Chakraborty also played the roles of other friends. Anindya Chattopadhyay's performance of Anindita's self-centred, ambitious boyfriend brought out exactly what it needed to be unbearable.

Solanki Roy, however, is smoother in its second act on the big screen. I don't think she is acting. Her performance is quite natural.

Vikram Chatterjee is fluent in both the ages of the characters. His pairing with Solanki Roy won hearts for the first time on the big screen.

Sudipa Basu and Debesh Roychowdhury are very believable in the roles of Solanki Roy's parents. I like Reshmi Sen, and Siddhartha Chattopadhyay in the role of Vikram Chatterjee's guardian.

Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee has been surprised by a special role on a small scale. Rupsa Dasgupta is also fine as Anindita's colleague. All in all, those who love and lose relationships but want to get them back will connect with this film.

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