Aditi Munshi Biography, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Networth & More!

Aditi Munshi, a renowned Indian Bengali singer and politician hailing from West Bengal, has captivated audiences with her soulful renditions of Hindu devotional songs.

Aditi Munshi Biography, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Networth

With a multifaceted career that spans music and politics, Aditi Munshi has established herself as a prominent figure in the cultural and political landscape of West Bengal.

Let's delve into the fascinating journey of Aditi Munshi, exploring her personal life, career milestones, and notable achievements.

Aditi Munshi Personal Life

Personal Life:

Born in 1989, Aditi Munshi is the daughter of Manindra Munshi and Mitali Munshi. Growing up in a musical environment, she developed a passion for singing at an early age. 

In 2018, she tied the knot with Debraj Chakraborty, embarking on a new chapter in her personal life.

Aditi Munshi Career and Achievements

Career and Achievements:

Aditi Munshi's musical journey began during her school days in Kolkata. Her proficiency in Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti, two prominent genres of Bengali music, became evident.

Recognizing her talent, Ravindra Bharti University awarded her a scholarship to pursue a music career.

Following her graduation, Aditi Munshi received another scholarship from the Government of West Bengal to specialize in "Padboli Kirtan."

Under the guidance of esteemed music teachers such as Mr Snehasi Chatterjee, Mr Subrakanti Chatterjee, Mr Shankar Ghoshal, Mrs Kanakona Mitra, Vidushi Saraswati Das, and Mr Timir Baran Ghosh, she honed her skills in various musical styles, including Kirtan, Nazrul Geeti, and Old Bangla songs.

In 2015, Aditi Munshi's talent reached a wider audience when she participated in Zee Bangla's popular singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Her enchanting performances captivated the judges and viewers alike, propelling her further into the spotlight.

Apart from her musical achievements, Aditi Munshi has also made a mark in the political sphere. 

In the 2021 West Bengal assembly elections, she contested as a candidate of the All India Trinamool Congress party and emerged victorious, securing the Rajarhat Gopalpur assembly constituency seat.

This dual role as a singer and politician showcases her versatility and commitment to making a positive impact in her community.

Aditi Munshi Recognitions and Awards

Recognitions and Awards:

Aditi Munshi's exceptional talent has garnered numerous accolades throughout her career. In 2010, she was honoured with the prestigious Mr MK Narayan of West Bengal award.

Additionally, she achieved the All India Merit Test Competition from National Scholar, further solidifying her reputation as a gifted vocalist. 

Her contributions to music led to a full-time position as a music artist at India Radio, Kolkata, in 2012.

Aditi Munshi


Aditi Munshi's journey from a passionate young singer to a successful artist and politician serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and individuals aiming to create positive change in society.

With her mellifluous voice and dedication to her craft, she has touched the hearts of many listeners. Simultaneously, her foray into politics demonstrates her commitment to serving the people of West Bengal.

Aditi Munshi's story is a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and the pursuit of one's passions.

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