Ranu Mondal Biography, Career, Age, Husband, Networth & More!

"Talent and skill are not affected by circumstances and age", famous singer Ranu Mondal has proved this statement to be true.

Ranu Mondal Biography, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Networth

Ranu Mondal, who won the hearts of people through her art at the age of 59, is loved by millions of people today. Everyone has become crazy about his voice today.

This is the reason that today every person wants to get information related to Ranu Mondal's life. So today we will tell you every single thing related to Ranu Mondal's life through this post.

Ranu Mondal Early Life

Ranu Mondal's Early Life

Ranu Mondal is a Bollywood singer who was born in Krishna Nagar, West Bengal. Ranu Mondal, who lost her parents just 6 months after her birth, spent her childhood in Ranaghat.

Before becoming a Bollywood singer, she was an ordinary poor woman who used to beg at railway stations by singing Bollywood songs to earn money.

Loved listening to Bollywood songs since childhood, Ranu Mondal likes to listen to the songs of Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar as well as many other famous singers. Her hobby has brought him to a position where the whole world has known her.

Ranu Mondal Family Details

Ranu Mondal Family Details

Ranu Mondal's father, Aditya Kumar, who was a Christian, was a ferryman, while her mother was a housewife. She was married to Bablu Mondal at the age of 19, but her husband Bablu Mondal passed away in 2009.

She had a daughter and a son from her first husband. After the death of her first husband, Ranu Mondal remarried, with whom she had a daughter.

No one supported her in life, so she used to do odd jobs and beg by singing at the railway station to earn her living. Considering his poverty, his daughter also abandoned her because of her begging.

Ranu Mondal became a star

How Ranu Mondal became a star overnight?

Ranu Mondal's career started with small jobs. After living with her husband in Mumbai and doing odd jobs, she got an opportunity to sing in a club.

After working as a singer in a club for a while, when her husband forbade her to sing, she returned to her home in Ranaghat. Her husband died shortly after returning to Ranaghat.

After the death of her husband, her life began to pass in poverty. To get by, Ranu Mondal started singing songs at the railway station.

One day, a software engineer Atindra Chakraborty recognized the melodious voice of Ranu Mondal, who sang songs on the station, recorded a song in her voice and posted it on social media. Just a short video made Ranu Mondal famous all over the country overnight.

She sang Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma in her voice in that video, after hearing that not only common people but also celebrities became convinced of her. She spread ther name throughout the world with his sweet voice.

Ranu Mondal Career

Ranu Mondal Career

A short video of Ranu Mondal went so viral on social media that it didn't take long for her to become a superstar in no time. 

That video was just the beginning of his melodious journey, later he was invited to the reality show by Himesh Reshammiya for her melodious voice. She made every person sitting in that show crazy and also the judges who were there applauded her.

After this show, She sang a few lines of Bollywood superstar and singer Himesh Reshammiya's upcoming film "Happy Hardy Aur Heer" in her voice.

Her journey to become special is looking very promising. A few lines of the song sung by her went viral once again, which was loved by the people. After this song, Ranu Mondal started getting offers to sing songs by different music directors.

Ranu Mondal Controversy

Ranu Mondal Controversy

Ranu Mondal's younger daughter was raised by Ranu Mondal with difficulty, when she grew up, she did not like her mother's poverty due to which her daughter left her mother and went away from her forever.

But when Ranu Mondal became an overnight star and her daughter came to know about her mother's stardom, she returned to her mother.

The behaviour of her daughter, who returned to her mother after a long absence, was widely criticized by the media and others.

After all this, Ranu Mondal's daughter stated to the media that she was completely unaware that her mother went about her routine of singing and begging at Ranaghat station.
After Ranu Mondal became a star, there was news that Salman Khan was happy with her singing and gifted her a house worth lakhs.

This news was very viral, but after some time Ranu Mondal's manager completely denied this and said that Ranu Mondal has never met Salman Khan.

Ranu Mondal Achievements

Ranu Mondal Achievements

Ranu Mondal has fought hard in her life to date, after which she has now achieved such success that the eyes of the world have dazzled.

One of her viral videos made him a worldwide star overnight. She says that he has got a second birth in this life. Today the biggest success of her life is that she has become a big singer in Bollywood.

She has started to be recognized for her voice in Bollywood and she has started to be called Lata Mangeshkar

This is the biggest achievement of her life. It will be interesting to see how Bollywood will adopt her and adopt her art.

A Few Unknown Facts of Ranu Mondal

A Few Unknown Facts about Ranu Mondal

  • Ranu Mondal was born into a poor family in West Bengal.
  • When Ranu Mondal used to sing in a club in Mumbai, people knew her as "Ranu Bobby".
  • Ranu Mondal's first husband Bablu Mondal used to work as a cook in Feroze Khan's house.
  • In the year 2019, 26-year-old software engineer Atindra Chakraborty recognized Ranu Mondal's voice for the first time and made a video of her on social media, after which the video became very viral among people. Ranu Mondal got her identity only after this video went viral.
  • The video of Ranu Mondal's melodious voice was first uploaded on the Facebook page "Barpeta Town the Palace of Peace". The popularity of this video was such that within 24 hours, 5 million people watched the video and listened to Ranu Mondal's voice and were convinced by her.
  • As soon as Ranu Mondal's first video was uploaded on social media, people started praising her and helping her by providing food.
  • Sharing information about Ranu Mondal, Atindra Chakraborty said that while he was spending time with his friends at platform number 6, he heard a song sung by Mohammed Rafi on the radio. When he got closer, he saw a woman sitting on the railway platform humming songs in her melodious voice. After which he appealed to that woman to sing a song and he sang a song to us. I was surprised to hear his sweet voice.
  • The popularity of Ranu Mondal also attracted the attention of the district administration. After this, the Block Development Officer invited Ranu Mondal on the occasion of Kanyashree Day on 14th August 2019 and ensured that Ranu Mondal gets all possible help.
  • Ranu Mondal considers famous singer Lata Mangeshkar as her role model.
  • After coming into the limelight among people, today people have started to know her as Lata Mangeshkar of Ranaghat.
  • When Ranu Mondal was first invited as a guest in the reality show Superstar Singer, after that many questions related to her life came out. Jai Bhanushali, the host of the show on the stage of the onscreen reality show, asked her a question to which everyone sitting there got teary-eyed. He asked her that "What is the reason for singing this song by sitting at the railway station? She then replied that she had no roof to live on. Along with this, there is no other means of earning a living, due to which she earns her living by singing at the station." According to her, whenever she used to sing, people would give her biscuits or money after listening to her songs. used to give.
  • As per the media reports, it is said that Himesh Reshammiya, who gave Ranu Mondal a chance to enter Bollywood and decided to make her a singer, offered her Rs 6 to 7 lakh for her first song.
  • During an interview, Ranu Mondal had put it in front of people that she managed to meet her daughter after her video went viral. Along with this, she also said that she has got a second life and she will try everything possible to make this life good.
  • The story of Ranu Mondal is similar to the story of the famous American author Ted Williams. Like Ranu Mondal, Ted Williams' voice also attracted people's attention.
  • After listening to Ranu Mondal's voice, when she was compared to Lata Mangeshkar, she responded by simply saying that if my name and her work are combined, she gets some success and gets some happiness in her life. It doesn't matter to me but I consider myself lucky for it. But speaking further, she also said that any artiste can gain attention for a while by singing the songs of Kishore Kumar, Rafi Sahab, Mukesh or Asha Bhosle in her voice, but for a long time, she can earn a name. will not last.

Ranu Mondal


Q- Who is Ranu Mondal?
Ans- A common woman is Ranu Mondal. But her voice made her a star.

Q- How did Ranu Mondal become famous?
Ans- It became famous because of the video of the song.

Q-Who is Ranu Mondal's favourite singer?
Ans- Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar.

Q- Who gave Ranu Mondal her first break?
Ans- Himesh Reshammiya gave the first break.

Q- Where is Ranu Mondal now?
Ans- No one knows about it.

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