Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Networth & More!

Today we discuss Anindya Chakraborty, aka DJ Bapon. He is a famous Bengali YouTuber.

As of now, his total subscriber count is almost 221 k. The total viewership is almost 2.4 million. His YouTube channel is growing day by day.

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Networth
Anindya Chakraborty, popularly known by his stage name DJ Bapon, is a one-of-a-kind Bengali YouTuber making waves in the digital space. 
While most YouTubers create Bengali rap songs using western beats, DJ Bapon ingeniously fuses Bengali music with rap to produce refreshing content. 
This unique approach has won him over 200k subscribers and 2.4 million views.

Who is DJ Bapon?

Anindya Chakraborty was born on March 25, 1989 in South Kolkata. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 under the name Road Broner but struggled initially to gain traction. 
After years of hard work with little results, Anindya Chakraborty adopted the persona of DJ Bapon, focusing on creating only Bengali songs with rap influences.

This pivot proved to be a masterstroke as several of DJ Bapon's songs went viral. 
Tracks like "Horlicks Song", "Baje Gaan", and "Moshari" connected with Bengali youth and established DJ Bapon as a rising star.

Anindya Chakraborty's (DJ Bapon) Biography

While most YouTubers make Bengali rap songs using western music. But Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) is making Bengali rap songs using Bengali music. This is unique. 

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) has a musical band whose name is Road Broner. He has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2011. But his channel was not generating enough views. And his subscriber count was too low.

He did too much work but not get results. That's why he was going into depression. This frustration makes him DJ Bapon, aka Anindya Chakraborty.

Only Bengali DJ Song with Rap. This is his usp. Some of his songs are very popular, such as "Horlics Song", "Baje Gaan", Moshari," etc.

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Age & Birthday

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Age & Birthday

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) was born in South Kolkata. His birthday is March 25, 1989. As of now, his age is 34.

                   Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Wife Name

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Wife Name

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) is married. His wife's name is Ankita Roy Bormon.

                    Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Career

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Career

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) is a famous Bengali YouTuber. But he was also a serviceman. He is working for the United Bank Of India.
Away from the limelight, Anindya Chakraborty works as a banker with the United Bank of India. He is married to Ankita Roy Bormon. 
Despite a full-time job, Anindya Chakraborty has devoted himself fully to developing high-quality music videos on YouTube.

It has not been an easy journey for him. He went through frustrating early years where his hard work didn't translate into results. 
However, he persisted and finally found his groove as DJ Bapon. His unique bilingual music has filled a crucial gap in the Bengali entertainment scene. 

                    Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) Net Worth

Anindya Chakraborty's (DJ Bapon) Net Worth

Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) is a famous YouTuber. He earns from YouTube approx. 60 k while also being a Banker. This income is extra. Including both, his net income is approximately Rs. 1 lakh.


At just 34 years old, DJ Bapon has achieved remarkable success by being true to his unique musical vision. 
He has overcome early setbacks to become one of the biggest Bengali YouTubers and a youth icon.

With a monetized channel and millions of engaged subscribers, DJ Bapon is estimated to be earning around ₹10 lakhs annually. 
This is just the beginning for the talented artist. As he keeps releasing new viral hits, DJ Bapon has the potential to break into the mainstream music scene soon.

For now, he holds a special place in the hearts of Bengali youth as a homegrown idol making their traditional culture cool again. 
The future looks bright for DJ Bapon as he continues bridging genres beautifully.
I hope Anindya Chakraborty (DJ Bapon) will stay in our Bengali hearts through many more beautiful song videos in the coming days. He will have a separate place in our hearts.


Who is DJ Bapon?
DJ Bapon is the stage name of Anindya Chakraborty, a Bengali YouTuber known for fusing Bengali music and rap. His unique bilingual songs have earned him over 200k subscribers.

What is DJ Bapon's real name?
Anindya Chakraborty. He was born in South Kolkata on March 25, 1989.

When did DJ Bapon start his YouTube channel?
He began uploading videos in 2011 under the channel name Road Broner but found success only after adopting his current persona.

What is DJ Bapon's most popular song?
Some of his hit songs include "Horlicks Song", "Baje Gaan", and "Moshari". These Bengali rap numbers have gone viral among young listeners.

What is DJ Bapon's day job?
He works as a banker with the United Bank of India. YouTube is his side passion project.

Who is DJ Bapon married to?
His wife's name is Ankita Roy Bormon. DJ Bapon successfully balances his personal life with his music career.

How much does DJ Bapon earn?
With a successful monetized YouTube channel, DJ Bapon reportedly earns around ₹10 lakhs annually.

Why is DJ Bapon so popular?
His unique style of fusing Bengali music and rap has struck a chord with young Bengalis. DJ Bapon has revived interest in Bengali culture through modern remixes.
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