Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Networth & More!

Does the name Unmesh Ganguly sound familiar? Well, do you not recognize? So see if you know the name Bankura Memes Short.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Networth

Yes, today we will know the story of Unmesh Ganguly from the popular YouTube channel Bankura Memes Short.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Early Life

Early Life

Unmesh Ganguly was born and raised in Bankura, a small district of West Bengal, far from Kolkata. For the past several years, the name Bankura Memes Short has been at the top of the discussion on social media.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Education


He always walked against the current situation. Due to posting one after another about dark humour, there was a lot of scandal at one time. There are practically many debates among netizens about Bankura Memes Short.
A boy was hungry to do something creative from a young age. Although he studied science in school, he later studied mask communication.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Career


But everyone said that he could never become a filmmaker as a boy from Bankura, but he followed his passion; even after his Facebook page was deleted one after another for dark humour, he didn't stop.
Didn't stop. Carried him and his dreams forward. In recent times, YouTube and Facebook have become very popular among the younger generation. Among them, the handful of YouTube channels in Bengal have grown up with a theory.
Unmesh Ganguly's Channel Bankura Memes Short is one of them. Writing a script with friends, acting in it, editing it, and uploading it is not easy at all.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Achievements


Yet he succeeded. And won the hearts of millions of people. However, Bankura Memes Short is quite different from other meme pages. Created by Unmesh Ganguly, Bankura Memes Short's speciality is highlighting various social issues.

Behind the trolls is a clear message that, while seemingly invisible, makes the conscious audience think, and to keep that trend going, Unmesh Ganguly has not stopped.

Unmesh Ganguly (Bankura Memes Short) Future Plan

Future Plan

He recently moved to Mumbai as an assistant director for his popular Bankura Memes Short channel. The script of his videos is quite different, which creates laughs as well as questions and makes people think.

Recently, they started uploading a web series on their YouTube channel. Which they write and act themselves. And the performance of each of them is quite commendable.


A boy who has deleted multiple Facebook pages has millions of followers today. With each passing day, Unmesh Ganguly and his team's fan base are increasing. And every time they get something different from Unmesh Ganguly and his team.

There is no point in saying that. The boy in the remote village proved that all can be conquered by sheer force of will.

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