Kirtan Bengali Movie Review!

Explore the world of Bengali cinema with our Kirtan Bengali movie review. Dive into the humorous family dynamics and captivating performances that make this film a must-watch.

Kirtan Bengali Movie Review

Kirtan Bengali Movie Review: A Hilarious Blend of Family Dynamics

Kirtan Bengali Movie


In the ever-evolving landscape of Bengali cinema, a genre that has been notably missing in recent years is pure comedy. 

Remember classics like 'Pasher Bari,' 'Dui Bari,' or the iconic 'Saat Paake Bandha'?

They seem like distant memories, leaving cinephiles longing for the days of uproarious laughter. 

However, 'Kirtan,' directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, offers a refreshing take on comedy, breathing life back into the genre.

Kirtan Bengali Film

The Heart of the Story

'Kirtan' revolves around the comical yet endearing relationship between Abinash (Paran Bandopadhyay), Manimala (Arunima Ghosh), and their playful son-in-law, Arup (Gaurab Chatterjee).

These three characters are the soul of the movie, their interactions serving as the driving force behind the plot.

Abinash, nursing a plastered arm and longing to reside in his daughter's ramshackle house, carries the weight of his wife's cherished memories.

On the contrary, modern Manimala dreams of a well-furnished apartment. These clashing desires lead to daily banter, pride in decorating, and occasional sparks of affection.

The dynamic between these two characters is akin to a unique sandwich, but whether it satisfies your cinematic appetite is yet to be determined!

Kirtan Bengali Cinema

Stellar Performances

Inheritors of the legacy left by the legendary Uttam Kumar in the realm of comedy, the cast of 'Kirtan' does not disappoint.

While Gaurab Chatterjee may lack the age and experience of a seasoned actor, he skillfully carries the torch and immerses himself in his role.

Arunima Ghosh's portrayal of Manimala, the daughter-in-law, is a delightful revelation. Her deep-seated love for her father-in-law, conveyed through subtle respect, beautifully complements her comedic prowess.

Kirtan Cinema

Musical Essence

One cannot ignore the essence of Bengali music that permeates the film. However, the absence of the iconic Soumitra Chatterjee is profoundly felt, as he could have effortlessly embodied the passionate, vivacious, argumentative, and melodramatic moments depicted on screen.

Nevertheless, 'Kirtan' compensates with its picturesque scenes that captivate the audience. Young director Abhimanyu, alongside cinematographer Aritra Mukhopadhyay, deserves applause for their splendid work.

Kirtan Film


In conclusion, 'Kirtan' is a breath of fresh air in Bengali cinema, resurrecting the almost-lost genre of comedy. 

The film's heartwarming yet comical exploration of family dynamics, coupled with stellar performances, promises an enjoyable experience.

Despite the absence of a legendary actor, 'Kirtan' succeeds in delivering moments of laughter and heartwarming connection. 

If you're in search of a lighthearted yet meaningful cinematic journey, 'Kirtan' is a must-watch.

Kirtan Movie


Q1. Who are the main actors in 'Kirtan'?
A1. The main actors in 'Kirtan' include Paran Bandopadhyay, Gaurab Chatterjee, and Arunima Ghosh.

Q2. What is the central theme of the movie 'Kirtan'?

A2. 'Kirtan' revolves around the humorous and endearing relationship between a father-in-law, his daughter-in-law, and their playful son-in-law.

Q3. How does 'Kirtan' contribute to Bengali cinema?
A3. 'Kirtan' reinvigorates the comedy genre in Bengali cinema, offering a refreshing take on family dynamics and humour.

Q4. Is 'Kirtan' worth watching for its performances?
A4. Yes, 'Kirtan' boasts stellar performances from its cast, making it a delightful cinematic experience.

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