Kuyasha Biswas Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Discover the captivating biography of Kuyasha Biswas, a talented Bengali actress known for her work in TV serials and Bangla Theatre. 

Learn about her early life, career, favourite things, and more in this informative article.

Kuyasha Biswas Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband


Kuyasha Biswas, a prominent Bengali actress with a remarkable presence in the realm of TV serials, was born on 27th April 1996 in Berhampore, West Bengal.

Her exceptional talent and popularity have made her one of the most sought-after actresses in the Bengali entertainment industry.

With a penchant for acting and a three-year stint in Bangla Theatre, Kuyasha Biswas has been captivating audiences with her remarkable performances. Let's delve deeper into her biography and explore her journey to success.

Kuyasha Biswas Early Life and Education

 Early Life and Education

Kuyasha Biswas attended several reputable educational institutions during her formative years. 

She completed her schooling at Maharani Kasisswari Uchcha Balika Bidyalay, Uchcha Balika Bidyalay Barisha, and Alipore Multipurpose Girls' High School.

Her passion for learning led her to pursue higher education at Jadavpur University, where she earned both her Graduation and Masters in History.

Kuyasha Biswas The Rise to Stardom

 The Rise to Stardom

In 2014, Kuyasha Biswas made her television debut with the popular Star Jalsha serial 'Jani Dekha Hobe.' 

Her compelling portrayal of characters and natural acting skills soon caught the attention of viewers, establishing her as a talented actress to watch out for.

Over the years, she has graced various TV serials, including 'Milon Tithi,' 'Amar Durga,' 'Simana Periye,' 'Ekhane Aakash Neel,' 'Mahapeeth Tarapeeth,' 'Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay,' 'Falna,' 'Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera,' 'Aye Tobe Sohochori,' and 'Bangla Medium,' where she presently impresses audiences as Pamela.

Kuyasha Biswas A Glimpse into the Silver Screen

 A Glimpse into the Silver Screen

Apart from her television journey, Kuyasha Biswas has also ventured into the world of cinema. In 2018, she appeared in the movie 'Classroom,' and her performance was praised by both critics and fans.

Continuing her foray into the film industry, she is set to star in the upcoming movie 'Birpurush,' raising expectations for another compelling performance.

Kuyasha Biswas The Web Series Adventure

 The Web Series Adventure

Kuyasha Biswas's talent and versatility extend to the digital domain as well. In 2020, she was featured in the web series 'The Lost Tribe,' further showcasing her ability to adapt to various roles and platforms.

Kuyasha Biswas Personal Life

 Personal Life

While Kuyasha Biswas's professional achievements are in the spotlight, her personal life remains relatively private. 

As of 2023, she is single and not married, focusing on her career and personal growth. Though rumours of relationships abound, she has chosen to keep such matters away from public scrutiny.

Kuyasha Biswas Favourites and Street Food Cravings

 Favourites and Street Food Cravings

Like any other person, Kuyasha Biswas has her favourite actors and actresses. She admires the charm of Shahrukh Khan and looks up to the accomplished Priyanka Chopra as an inspiration. 

Regarding her favourite colour, she playfully mentions that it depends on her mood and the situation.

Despite her busy schedule, Kuyasha Biswas enjoys indulging in some lip-smacking street food. 

Among her top picks are the delectable 'Fuchka,' the tangy 'Papri Chat,' and the spicy 'Jhalmuri,' which never fails to tantalize her taste buds.

Kuyasha Biswas Conclusion


Kuyasha Biswas, with her unwavering passion for acting and impressive talent, has carved a niche for herself in Bengali TV serials and beyond.

Her journey from Berhampore to the screens of millions has been nothing short of remarkable. 

As she continues to captivate audiences with her performances, her future in the entertainment industry shines brightly, promising more memorable roles and accolades to come.

Kuyasha Biswas FAQs


Q1: What is Kuyasha Biswas's date of birth?
A: Kuyasha Biswas was born on 27th April 1996.

Q2: Which TV serials has Kuyasha appeared in?
A: Kuyasha has graced several TV serials, including 'Jani Dekha Hobe,' 'Milon Tithi,' 'Amar Durga,' 'Simana Periye,' 'Ekhane Aakash Neel,' 'Mahapeeth Tarapeeth,' 'Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay,' 'Falna,' 'Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera,' 'Aye Tobe Sohochori,' and 'Bangla Medium.'

Q3: Has Kuyasha Biswas worked in movies?
A: Yes, Kuyasha appeared in the movie 'Classroom' in 2018, and she is set to star in the upcoming movie 'Birpurush.'

Q4: What are Kuyasha's favourite actors and actresses?
A: Kuyasha admires Shahrukh Khan as her favourite actor and looks up to Priyanka Chopra as her favourite actress.

Q5: What are Kuyasha's favourite street foods?
A: Kuyasha enjoys indulging in 'Fuchka,' 'Papri Chat,' and 'Jhalmuri' as her favourite street foods.

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