Ayanna Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend & More!

Learn about Ayanna Chatterjee, a talented child actress from Kolkata known for her roles in Bengali films and television series. Discover interesting facts about her career, favourites, and upcoming projects.

Ayanna Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend


Meet Ayanna Chatterjee, a young and gifted child actress hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata. 

Her captivating performances in Bengali films and television series have earned her a special place in the hearts of audiences. Let's delve into the life and accomplishments of this rising star.

Ayanna Chatterjee Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background:

Born on 12th December 2012 in Kolkata, West Bengal, Ayanna Chatterjee showed early signs of her acting prowess. 

With a passion for the performing arts, she embarked on a journey that would lead her to the silver screen.

Ayanna Chatterjee TV Stardom

TV Stardom:

Ayanna Chatterjee made her debut on the small screen with the popular Zee Bangla serial 'Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni,' where she portrayed the young Sarada Devi.

Her impressive acting skills garnered attention and paved the way for more opportunities in the television industry.

She continued to shine in other well-known television series such as 'Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi,' captivating viewers with her versatile performances.

Currently, she can be seen as Komola in the Star Jalsha serial 'Komola O Sreeman Prithviraj,' where her talent continues to shine.

Ayanna Chatterjee Silver Screen Success

Silver Screen Success:

Ayanna Chatterjee's talent wasn't limited to television alone. In 2022, she graced the big screen in the Bengali film 'Mini,' where she took on the lead role of Mini.

The movie, in collaboration with the renowned actress Mimi Chakraborty, earned praise for its compelling storyline and remarkable performances.

Ayanna Chatterjee Journey Continues

The Journey Continues:

With dreams as big as her talent, Ayanna Chatterjee is all set to make her mark in the digital world. 

She is part of the upcoming web series 'Brown,' where she has the incredible opportunity to share the screen with the Bollywood diva Karisma Kapoor. Anticipation is high for this promising project.

Ayanna Chatterjee Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes:

Ayanna Chatterjee stands tall at approximately 5 feet and maintains a weight of around 47 kilograms. Her enchanting brown-black eyes and luscious black hair complement her charismatic presence on screen.

Ayanna Chatterjee Personal Life

Personal Life:

As of 2023, Ayanna Chatterjee is focused on her flourishing career and hasn't disclosed any information about her dating life or relationships. She remains dedicated to her craft and fans.

Ayanna Chatterjee Favourites


Just like any other young individual, Ayanna Chatterjee has her favourites. Her adoration for the renowned actor Dev and the talented actress Mimi Chakraborty is evident. 

The colour pink brings joy to her life, and she enjoys playing badminton as a sport. When it comes to street food, momos top her list of delectable treats.

Ayanna Chatterjee FAQs

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Is Ayanna Chatterjee available on social media?
As of now, Ayanna Chatterjee prefers to keep her personal life private and has not made her presence felt on social media platforms.

Q2. What is Ayanna's educational background?

Ayanna has not disclosed her educational qualifications, but it's safe to assume that she is focusing on her career while receiving proper education.

Q3. When is the web series 'Brown' releasing?

As of the latest information available, the release date for the web series 'Brown' starring Ayanna Chatterjee and Karisma Kapoor is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates.

Q4. Does Ayanna Chatterjee have any other projects in the pipeline?
As a talented actress, Ayanna is undoubtedly exploring more opportunities in the entertainment industry. However, specific details about her future projects are yet to be officially announced.

Ayanna Chatterjee Conclusion


Ayanna Chatterjee's journey from a child actress in television to a rising star in Bengali cinema is both inspiring and commendable. 

With her remarkable talent and dedication, she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment world.

As her career continues to blossom, we eagerly anticipate witnessing more of her exceptional performances on the screen. Keep an eye on this young talent, for the sky is the limit for Ayanna Chatterjee!

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