Rakhee Gulzar Biography, Career, Age, Husband, Networth & More!

Explore the captivating life of Rakhee Gulzar, an accomplished Indian actress known for her versatile roles. 

Rakhee Gulzar Biography, Career, Age, Husband, Networth

Learn about her early years, career highlights, marriages, and intriguing facts that shaped her journey.

Rakhee Gulzar Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background

Discover the fascinating tale of Raakhee Majumdar, the prolific Indian actress, renowned for her exceptional acting prowess. 

Born on August 15, 1947, in Ranaghat, Nadia district, West Bengal, she made her mark in the world of cinema with her unique talents and mesmerizing performances. 

With a height of 157 cm and a distinctive hazel green eye colour, Rakhee's presence on screen was truly captivating.

Rakhee Gulzar A Glance into Her Career

A Glance into Her Career

Rakhee's journey in the world of entertainment began with her Bengali film debut in "Badu Baran" (1967), followed by her Hindi debut in "Jeevan Mrityu" (1970). 

Her incredible versatility and dedication soon propelled her to become one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. 

Throughout her illustrious career, she graced the silver screen with her talent in more than 90 films, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of moviegoers.

Rakhee Gulzar Personal Life

 Personal Life: Beyond the Silver Screen

Marital Ventures

Delve into Rakhee's personal life, where she found love and companionship with two remarkable men. She tied the knot with Bengali journalist and film director Ajay Biswas in 1963. 

However, the marriage didn't stand the test of time, and the couple parted ways. In 1973, Rakhee embarked on a new chapter of her life by marrying the multifaceted Gulzar, a film director, lyricist, screenwriter, producer, poet, and author. 

Together, they shared the joys of parenthood, raising their daughter Meghna Gulzar, a talented writer and film director.

Rakhee Gulzar Lesser Known Facts

 Rakhee's Unique Charms: Lesser Known Facts

A Glimpse into Rakhee's World

1. Rakhee was born on the day India gained independence, a symbolic connection to the nation's history.
2. She experienced the challenges of post-partition life, as her family migrated from Bangladesh, rebuilding their lives in India.
3. Despite an arranged marriage with Ajay Biswas, Rakhee's inability to adapt to the film-oriented environment led to their divorce.
4. Financial constraints compelled her to enter the film industry, where her talent and dedication paved the way for her success.
5. Rakhee's reluctance to celebrate birthdays shifted with a memorable party thrown by Sunil Dutt on a film set, inspiring her to continue the tradition.
6. Her marriage with Gulzar, which was initially thought to end her acting career, took an unexpected turn, leading her back to the silver screen.
7. Rakhee's desire to adopt a child was thwarted by societal norms at the time, showcasing her compassionate nature.
8. An intense scene in the film "Dacoit" left her so immersed in her character that she broke a vocal cord, demonstrating her dedication to her craft.
9. Rakhee's admiration for Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reflects her strong values and beliefs.
10. She stands as the only actress to portray both the lead heroine and mother to Amitabh Bachchan, showcasing her versatile range as an actress.

Rakhee Gulzar FAQs


1. Did Rakhee Gulzar smoke?
    Rakhee's smoking habits remain unknown.

2. Did Rakhee Gulzar consume alcohol?
    Yes, Rakhee Gulzar did consume alcohol.

3. How did Rakhee's family cope after migrating to India from Bangladesh?
    Rakhee's family, despite having an established business in Bangladesh, had to rebuild their lives as refugees in India after migration.

4. Why did Rakhee Gulzar return to acting after her marriage with Gulzar?
    Despite initial plans to leave her acting career, Rakhee's return was driven by unforeseen circumstances, leading her back to the silver screen.

5. What unique record does Rakhee hold in the film industry?
    Rakhee Gulzar is the only actress to have portrayed both the lead heroine and the mother of Amitabh Bachchan in films.

Rakhee Gulzar Conclusion


The captivating journey of Rakhee Gulzar from her early struggles to her rise as a distinguished actress exemplifies determination, versatility, and resilience.

Her contributions to Indian cinema, coupled with her remarkable personal experiences, create a narrative that continues to inspire generations. Rakhee Gulzar's legacy is one of talent, love, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

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