Rooqma Ray Biography, Career, Age, Husband, Networth & More!

Dive into the captivating tale of Rooqma Ray, the versatile Indian television actress renowned for her remarkable roles in iconic Bengali TV shows. Discover her biography, career highlights, intriguing age, and more!

Rooqma Ray Biography, Career, Age, Husband, Networth

Rooqma Ray, a luminous star on the Indian television firmament, has etched her name in the annals of Bengali Cinema. 

This versatile actress has graced the screens with her exceptional talent and mesmerizing performances.

From portraying the spirited Rajkumari Kiranmala in "Kiranmala" to the enigmatic Anamika in "Lalkuthi," Rooqma Ray's journey is a kaleidoscope of riveting characters and enthralling narratives.

Rooqma Ray Unveiling the Trailblazing Career

Unveiling the Trailblazing Career:

Rooqma Ray's artistic journey has been adorned with numerous jewels of excellence. Her portrayal of Ghunghur/Annapurna in "Kundo Phuler Mala" and Rai Mukherjee/Mumpi in "Desher Maati" has left an indelible mark on the hearts of her audience.

This gifted actress has also graced other illustrious shows, including "Pratidaan," "Thakumar Jhuli," "Bagh Bondi Khela," and "Khorkuto," where her performances have ignited the screen with enchanting brilliance.

A Glimpse into Rooqma Ray's Life

A Glimpse into Rooqma Ray's Life:

Born on the 23rd of January, 1994, Rooqma Ray hails from the vibrant city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. 

Her formative years were nurtured at Basanti Devi College, where she honed her skills and nurtured her passion for the performing arts.

Rooqma Ray Exploring the Enigma

Exploring the Enigma:

While Rooqma Ray's physical height remains a mystery, her captivating presence on screen needs no measurement. 

Her deep, expressive black eyes exude a world of emotions, while her raven-black hair frames her face with an air of mystery and allure.

Rooqma Ray Engaging Social Media Odyssey

Engaging Social Media Odyssey:

Stay connected with Rooqma Ray's journey through her social media realms:

  • Instagram: Catch glimpses of her behind-the-scenes moments and candid captures @rayrooqma.
  • Facebook: Explore her world as it unfolds, yet to be updated.
  • Twitter: Await the musings of this talented actress, yet to be updated.
  • Wikipedia: Delve deeper into Rooqma Ray's profile and achievements at Rukma_Roy.
FAQs About Rooqma Ray

FAQs About Rooqma Ray:

Q1: What are Rooqma Ray's most notable roles?
A1: Rooqma Ray has left an indelible mark with her portrayal of Rajkumari Kiranmala in "Kiranmala," Ghunghur/Annapurna in "Kundo Phuler Mala," and Anamika in "Lalkuthi."

Q2: What is Rooqma Ray's date of birth?
A2: Rooqma Ray was born on the 23rd of January, 1994.

Q3: Where did Rooqma Ray pursue her education?

A3: Rooqma Ray's formative years of education were spent at Basanti Devi College.

Q4: What is Rooqma Ray's social media presence?

A4: Rooqma Ray can be followed on Instagram @rayrooqma. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts are yet to be updated. Additionally, her Wikipedia profile can be explored at Rukma_Roy.

Q5: What is Rooqma Ray's age as of 2022?

A5: As of 2022, Rooqma Ray is 28 years old, radiating her timeless charm and talent.

Rooqma Ray Conclusion


Rooqma Ray's journey from the heart of Kolkata to the screens of Bengali Cinema has been a saga of dedication, artistry, and versatility.

Her roles have sparked intrigue, and her performances have woven emotions into unforgettable narratives. 

As she continues to illuminate the small screen with her brilliance, Rooqma Ray's legacy as an accomplished Indian television actress is destined to shine.

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