Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Learn all about Bengali television actress Debaparna Paul Chowdhury, from her breakout role in the 2013 serial Bojhena Se Bojhena to her current fame playing Chandni in Meyebela. 

Get the scoop on her career, personal life, and what makes this talented star one to watch.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Bengali TV Star Debaparna Paul Chowdhury

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has become a familiar face to fans of Bengali television. 

The actress, known to many by her on-screen name Chandni, has been delighting viewers in serials for over a decade thanks to her acting chops and lively personality. 

Keep reading to learn all about this rising star of the small screen, from her early days to her recent hit roles.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Getting Her Start

Getting Her Start

Though details on her early life remain scarce, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury was born on November 12 in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

Her creative talents emerged in her school days, foreshadowing a future career in entertainment.

After graduating from Rabindra Bharati University, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury began pursuing her passion in earnest. 

Her first major role came in 2013 with the soap opera Bojhena Se Bojhena airing on Star Jalsha. 

Playing the part of Anu established her reputation and kicked off an increasingly busy career.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Winning Over Audiences

Winning Over Audiences

Following her debut, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has starred in numerous Bengali serials on channels like Star Jalsha and Zee Bangla. 

Her filmography includes diverse roles in shows like Punyi Pukur, Trinayani, Bhanumotir Khel, and more. She also made her web series debut in 2017 with an episodic role in Cartoon.

Among her most prominent current parts is playing Chandni in the popular serial Meyebela. 

As this headstrong yet sympathetic character, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has won over legions of fans. 

Between her public recognition and 340,000+ Instagram followers, she has become an influencer in her own right.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Personal Life

Personal Life

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. While little is known about her early years, a few facts have emerged. 

The actress is a Hindu who now resides in Kolkata near the TV studios.

Her marital status was once the subject of public interest - Debaparna Paul Chowdhury tied the knot with Subhrajyoti Paul Chowdhury in January 2020. 

The two prefer to keep their relationship low-key, though Debaparna Paul Chowdhury occasionally posts loving wedding and anniversary photos on social media.

Beyond a few tidbits, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury remains focused on her thriving career rather than cultivating celebrity status. Even so, her genuine warmth continues to charm fans on-screen and off.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

While audiences know Debaparna Paul Chowdhury for her acting, her interests point to a lively personality. 

According to reports, the actress is a devoted foodie who counts biryani among her favourite meals. She also loves animals, football, and classic Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury likewise brings a spirited attitude to her work on sets. She reportedly keeps fellow actors entertained with her friendly camaraderie and sense of humour. 

Perhaps this explains her success in the reality competition show Didi No. 1 as well!

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Rising Star of Bengali TV

Rising Star of Bengali TV

As one of the most promising talents in Bengali television, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury looks poised to continue captivating viewers. 

From her many starring roles to real-life activities, she has proven herself an engaging yet down-to-earth figure. Now in the prime of her career, fans wait eagerly to see what this skilled actress does next!

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury FAQs

FAQs About Debaparna Paul Chowdhury

Still, have questions about rising Bengali TV actress Debaparna Paul Chowdhury? Check out quick answers to some frequently asked questions below:

What was Debaparna Paul Chowdhury's first acting role?
Debaparna Paul Chowdhury's career took off in 2013 when she played Anu in the soap Bojhena Se Bojhena airing on Star Jalsha.

What's her most famous current role?

Many fans now know Debaparna Paul Chowdhury best as the bold and big-hearted Chandni in the popular serial Meyebela.

Who is Debaparna Paul Chowdhury married to?
Debaparna Paul Chowdhury tied the knot back in January 2020 with a man named Subhrajyoti Paul Chowdhury.

How many Instagram followers does the actress have?
Thanks to her television fame, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has over 340,000 Instagram followers and counting.

How would you describe Debaparna Paul Chowdhury?
With her acting talents, lively personality, and reputation for being grounded, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has become a rising star of Bengali TV.

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury Conclusion


As her extensive list of credits shows, Debaparna Paul Chowdhury has successfully transitioned from a fresh newcomer to a familiar face on Bengali TV.

Thanks to not only her acting abilities but also her lively, grounded personality both on and off camera, she continues winning over new fans.

With starring turns in hit shows under her belt already, she seems well on her way to even bigger things in the future. 

For now, her many devotees eagerly await her next endearing character or career milestone.

Wherever Debaparna Paul Chowdhury’s talents take her next, this rising talent looks poised to continue charming viewers.

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