Soume Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Soume Chatterjee is a rising talent in the Bengali television industry known for captivating performances even at a young age. 

Keep reading to learn about this promising actress taking the entertainment world by storm.

Soume Chatterjee Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Soume Chatterjee: Bengali TV Actress Taking the Industry by Storm


Soume Chatterjee is an Indian television actress renowned for roles in popular Bengali serials including Deepabolir Saatkahan, Phuli, Krishnakoli, and Uron Tubri. 

Though just 20 years old, Soume Chatterjee boasts an impressive resume and has become a recognizable face to Bengalis through acclaimed performances on iconic shows.

Her Early Life and Background

Hailing from Kolkata, Soume Chatterjee was born on June 13, 2006, to a Bengali Hindu family. 

Her father is veteran film actor Soumen Chatterjee who first noticed his daughter’s natural acting talents and passion for the craft. 

He brought the aspiring starlet to meet an esteemed director, helping kickstart her journey in entertainment.

Soume Chatterjee’s first gig was on the 2018 serial Marichika as a child artist. This opened the door for her to land more substantial roles over the next few years.

Soume Chatterjee

Her Major Acting Roles and Rise to Fame

After getting her foot in the door, Soume Chatterjee secured her breakout lead part on the show Deepabolir Saatkahan in 2019. 

Portraying a dynamic character at a young age, she demonstrated impressive range and left a mark on viewers.

This prominence scored her pivotal roles on other top-rated serials like Phuli and Kapalkundala shortly after. 

However, Soume Chatterjee’s popularity skyrocketed with her 2022 appearances on Krishnakoli and Uron Tubri.

In Krishnakoli, Soume Chatterjee depicted the daughter of lead protagonists Shyama and Nikhil. She expertly handled both comedic and emotional moments, earning admiration from fans. 

Soume Chatterjee followed up this star-making turn with Uron Tubri in late 2022.

Centred around three daughters and their mother, this serial represents her first mature adult role. 

Displaying versatility, Soume Chatterjee has capably toggled between playing both children and young women throughout her quick ascent.

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Critical Acclaim and Awards

While still early in her career, Soume Chatterjee has already garnered positive attention for her acting chops. 

After her lauded portrayal of Krishna Dutta on Krishnakoli, she took home the ZEE Bangla Sonar Sansar Award 2021 for Best Daughter.

Given rave reviews for each new character, it seems certain Soume Chatterjee will continue collecting accolades as she adds even more standout shows to her body of work.

The Future Looks Bright for Soume Chatterjee

Boasting a lengthy resume despite her youth, Soume Chatterjee has all the making of a Bengali television star for years to come. 

With scene-stealing talent and growing notoriety, bigger opportunities likely await around the corner.

It will be exciting to see what doors open next for this promising performer ready to make her mark on the entertainment industry. 

Audiences eagerly anticipate what captivating characters Soume Chatterjee will bring to life next.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Soume Chatterjee

When and where was Soume Chatterjee born?
Soume Chatterjee was born on June 13, 2006, in Kolkata, West Bengal.

How did she get her start as an actress?
Soume Chatterjee's father, veteran actor Soumen Chatterjee, noticed her passion for performing and introduced her to a director to launch her career.

What was Soume Chatterjee’s first TV role?
She made her acting debut in 2018 on the Bengali serial Marichika, portraying a child character.

What shows has Soume Chatterjee appeared on?

Some of Soume Chatterjee's most popular shows include Deepabolir Saatkahan, Phuli, Krishnakoli, Kapalkundala, and Uron Tubri.

What awards has Soume Chatterjee won?
In 2021, she won Best Daughter at the ZEE Bangla Sonar Sansar Awards for her role on Krishnakoli.

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