Payel Dutta Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Discover the intriguing biography of Payel Dutta, a renowned Bengali actress known for her work in TV serials and web series. 

Learn about her personal life, career, and some lesser-known facts about this talented artist.

Payel Dutta Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Payel Dutta: A Rising Star in Bengali Entertainment

Payel Dutta, the name that's making waves in the Bengali entertainment industry, is a versatile actress predominantly seen in Bengali TV serials. 

With her remarkable talent and charming presence on screen, Payel Dutta has become a beloved figure among viewers. 

This article delves into the life of this young actress, providing insights into her career, personal life, and more.

Payel Dutta Biography

Payel Dutta Biography

Early Life and Personal Details

Born with the name Payel Dutta, this talented actress is often affectionately known as Payel Dutta

Unfortunately, we don't have her exact date of birth, but in 2023, she's in the prime of her career. 

Hailing from the culturally rich city of Kolkata, West Bengal, Payel Dutta follows Hinduism as her religion.

Payel Dutta Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes

In terms of physical attributes, Payel Dutta stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 5 inches and maintains a weight of around 55 kilograms. 

Her expressive black eyes and lustrous black hair add to her striking appearance.

Payel Dutta Educational Background

Educational Background

While we know a lot about her professional life, details regarding her educational journey remain undisclosed. 

The specifics about her school, college, university, and educational qualifications are not available.

Relationships and Marital Status

Payel Dutta is a happily married woman. She tied the knot with Arunava Dutta, a renowned Bengali actor. Unfortunately, the exact marriage date remains a mystery.

Payel Dutta Family


In her family, Payel Dutta's mother goes by the name Sulekha Das. Further details about her father and siblings are not known.

Payel Dutta Career Highlights

Career Highlights

Payel Dutta's career in the entertainment industry is nothing short of impressive. She has graced the small screen with her presence in several TV serials, showcasing her versatile acting skills:

  •     Meera (2015) - A notable role in the TV serial Meera.
  •     Chaddobeshi (2017) - A significant appearance in the serial Chaddobeshi.
  •     Dabi (2017) - Her talent shone in the TV serial Dabi.
  •     Aloy Bhubon Bhora (2018) - An integral part of the cast in Aloy Bhubon Bhora.
  •     Mongolchandi (2019) - A memorable role in the serial Mongolchandi.
  •     Ekla Bhalobasha - Section 302 (2019) - She added depth to her character in this serial.
  •     Chunni Panna (2019) - A role that left an impact in Chunni Panna.
  •     Gramer Rani Binapani (2021) - A prominent character in Gramer Rani Binapani.
  •     Krishnakoli (2021) - Her presence in Krishnakoli was remarkable.
  •     Sanjher Baati (2021) - An important part of the serial Sanjher Baati.
  •     Agnisikha (2021) - She continued to shine in Agnisikha alongside her co-stars.
  •     Lalkuthi (2022) - A significant role in the serial Lalkuthi.
  •     Bangla Medium (2022) - Her current venture, where she portrays the character of Subarna in Bangla Medium.


Payel Dutta also made her presence felt on the big screen with her appearance in the movie "Mirage" (2020).

Web Series

In the digital realm, she showcased her talent in the web series "Bonyo Premer Golpo 2" (2020).

Payel Dutta Favorites


Payel Dutta, like any of us, has her favorite things. Her preferences include:

  •     Actor: Shahrukh Khan
  •     Actress: Madhuri Dixit
  •     Color: Pink
  •     Sport: Cricket
  •     Street Food: Fuchka

Payel Dutta Lesser-Known Facts

Lesser-Known Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Payel Dutta that you may not be aware of:

  •     Marriage to Arunava Dutta: Payel Dutta is happily married to the popular Bengali actor Arunava Dutta, and their love story continues to be a source of inspiration.
  •     Extensive TV Serial Career: Over the years, Payel has been a part of more than 13 TV serials, showcasing her dedication and passion for acting.
  •     Didi No 1 Appearance: Payel Dutta made a notable appearance in the Zee Bangla show, "Didi No 1," hosted by Rachana Banerjee, where she displayed her wit and charm.


Payel Dutta, with her remarkable talent and versatility, has etched a special place for herself in the Bengali entertainment industry. 

Her journey from TV serials to movies and web series is a testament to her dedication and passion for acting. 

As she continues to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence, her future in the industry looks promising. Stay tuned for more from this rising star!

Payel Dutta Faqs

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is Payel Dutta?
Payel Dutta is a talented Bengali actress known for her work in TV serials, movies, and web series.

2. Is Payel Dutta married?

Yes, Payel Dutta is happily married to the popular Bengali actor Arunava Dutta.

3. How many TV serials has Payel Dutta appeared in?

Payel has worked in more than 13 TV serials, showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

4. In which TV serial is Payel Dutta currently appearing?
Payel Dutta is presently playing the character Subarna in the TV serial "Bangla Medium."

5. What was her role in the Zee Bangla show "Didi No 1"?
Payel Dutta participated in "Didi No 1," hosted by Rachana Banerjee, where she displayed her charm and wit.

6. Who are Payel Dutta's favorite actors and actresses?
Payel's favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan, and her favorite actress is Madhuri Dixit.

7. What is Payel Dutta's favorite color and sport?
Her favorite color is pink, and she enjoys watching cricket. She's also a fan of street food, particularly Fuchka.

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