Picasso Bengali Web Series Review!

Explore the artistic enigma of Picasso - a new moody Bengali thriller web series following a painter whose works herald misfortune. 

Uncover the compelling performances yet flawed direction in director Raja Chanda's neo-noir vision.

Picasso Bengali Web Series Review

The Artistic Enigma - Exploring the Mystery of Picasso Bengali Web Series

Intrigue shrouds Rajputra Chanda’s latest moody noir web series - Picasso. The show premiers Tota Roy Choudhury as an anguished painter whose creations seemingly precede their subjects' untimely demise.

While artistic aptitude glimmers through the gloomy premise, does Picasso’s execution elicit inspiration or exasperation? Let’s unveil the truth behind this enigmatic Bengali thriller.

The Artistic Enigma - Exploring the Mystery of Picasso Bengali Web Series

The Story That Drips Intrigue

In a remote corner of West Bengal, lives the reclusive painter Palash Mukherjee, better known as Picasso for his eminent artistic brilliance.

However, darkness looms over his talents. Picasso’s portraits act as harbingers of misfortune, with their subjects perishing within days of being captured on canvas.

When fashion photographer Vicky and journalist Shreya catch wind of the sinister rumours surrounding Picasso, they set out to uncover the truth. 

But are the deaths mere coincidences? Or could there be malicious intent behind Picasso's paintings?

As the pair's investigation intertwines with the painter’s solitary existence, it becomes clear that darkness resides on both sides of the artist’s easel.

The Story of Picasso Bengali Web Series That Drips Intrigue

Captivating Performances Amidst Missed Potential

While intrigue seeps through the premise, critics say that Picasso’s potential remains sadly unfulfilled. Helmed by director Raja Chanda, the series marks his maiden web-based project.

Unfortunately, it seems that Chanda’s cinematic expertise failed to transition successfully to the web series medium.

Reviewers flagged the disjointed plotting and lack of backstory as key weaknesses diminishing viewers’ connections with the central characters.

Poor editing and cinematography further encumber Picasso’s artistic ambitions. However, compelling performances from lead actors Tota Roy Choudhury and Srijla Guha received unanimous praise.

Tota Roy Choudhury Channels Restrained Menace

Tota Roy Choudhury Channels Restrained Menace

As the titular protagonist, Tota Roy Choudhury channels a subdued intensity befitting of an anguished artist living under the shadows of his creations.

While less lively than his recent roles in projects like Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani and Feluda Pherot, Tota’s nuanced performance extracts the most intrigue from his complex character.

Srijla Guha provides a balanced counterpart as the tenacious journalist seeking the truth behind the sinister rumours. Although compelling performances still need to be made available across the remaining cast members.

Raja Chanda - A Directorial Crossroads

Raja Chanda - A Directorial Crossroads?

Raja Chanda has undeniably crafted a beguiling premise around Picasso. However, flawed execution has led many reviewers to suggest Raja Chanda has reached a directorial crossroads.

While early commercial projects like Le Halua Le and Challenge 2 achieved moderate success, his later films have failed to make a mark with fans or critics.

After years without a standalone directorial venture, Chanda’s first web series seems unlikely to reverse his fortunes.

Perhaps it’s time for the director to re-evaluate his approach. Or does the provocative premise of Picasso indicate that Raja Chanda’s unconventional perspective still has artistic merit? Only time will tell whether intrigue outweighs exasperation when the final credits roll.

The Verdict of Picasso Bengali Web Series- 720p Panache, 1080p Potential

The Verdict - 720p Panache, 1080p Potential

Picasso brings an artistic eye for intrigue through a dark premise exploring the links between creativity and destruction. 

Performances show promise, chiefly from Tota Roy Choudhury's anguished protagonist and Srijla Guha’s conviction.

However, disjointed plotting and wayward editing leave the series failing to channel its full potential.

For thriller fans, Picasso warrants a watch for its ominous originality alone. Yet a word of warning - don't expect visual or directorial mastery akin to parallel neo-noir greats.

Instead, view Picasso as a greyscale sketch from a director still honing his creative vision. While falling short of magnificence, Picasso’s broad strokes may yet presage Raja Chanda’s artistic apotheosis in future projects.

Captivating Picasso Bengali Web Series Performances Amidst Missed Potential

Frequently Asked Questions About Picasso Web Series

Q: What is the premise of the Picasso web series?
A: The Bengali thriller web series Picasso follows a reclusive painter whose portraits serve as omens of misfortune, with their subjects meeting untimely demises. The show sees a tenacious journalist and troubled photographer uncover the dark mystery linking the painter to the deaths.

Q: Who stars in the main cast of Picasso?

A: Acclaimed Bengali actor Tota Roy Choudhury headlines the Picasso cast as the tortured titular painter. Srijla Guha features as the persistent journalist searching for the truth behind the sinister rumours. Saurav Das plays her unconventional ally - a fashion photographer battling personal demons.

Q: Who directs the Picasso web series?

A. Directorial duties are helmed by veteran Bengali filmmaker Raja Chanda, marking his first foray into premium web content with Picasso. The neo-noir thriller represents a stylistic departure from Chanda’s past commercial filmography.

Q: Where can I watch the Picasso web series online?
A: Following its November 2023 premiere, Picasso is currently exclusively available to watch online via a subscription to the Klikk streaming platform. As a new regional web series, Picasso is yet to receive distribution on mainstream OTT platforms.

Q: Is the Picasso web series worth watching?

A: Compelling lead performances and an intriguing ominous premise render Picasso worth a watch for thriller enthusiasts. However, flawed execution means the series falls short of its neo-noir ambitions. Approach Picasso to witness emerging directorial vision rather than technical mastery.

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