Prohelika Bengali Film Review!

Prohelika film review covering the plot, performances including Shabnom Bubly's outstanding role as Orpa, screenplay strengths and weaknesses, director Chayanika Chowdhury's background, and FAQs.

Prohelika Bengali Film Review

Shabnom Bubly Delivers Outstanding Performance in Prohelika

Prohelika, directed by Chayanika Chowdhury, tells the story of Mona (Mahfuz Ahmed), who is forced to leave his village after a local clash.

He ends up living with Ustad Jamshed (Nasir Uddin Khan) and having an affair with his wife Orpa (Shabnom Bubly). 

When Jamshed suddenly dies, suspicions around his death lead officer Sharif Ahmed (Rashed Mamun Apu) to investigate.

Plot Overview and Performances

Shabnom Bubly turns in an outstanding performance as Orpa, delivering emotional depth and utilizing maximum screen time.

Mahfuz Ahmed convincingly portrays the initially underwhelming Mona, gaining momentum after the interval. 

Nasir Uddin Khan is solid but underdeveloped as Jamshed. Rashed Mamun Apu delivers an okay turn as investigator Sharif Ahmed.

Prohelika Bengali Film

Screenplay and Technical Aspects

While the chemistry between leads Mona and Orpa falls flat, the screenplay by Pantho Shahriar builds intrigue but rushes the climax reveal. 

Emon Saha’s music shines with the song “Hridoy Diye,” and technical aspects like cinematography and editing are competent.

Director and Cast Background

With over 300 TV dramas under her belt, director Chayanika Chowdhury marks her third film after Bishwoshundori (2020) and Kagojer Bou (2022).

For lead actor Mahfuz Ahmed, Prohelika signifies a comeback after an 8-year absence. He is a two-time National Film Award winner.

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FAQ Heading: Frequently Asked Questions About Prohelika

What is Prohelika about?
Prohelika follows the story of Mona, who flees his village and ends up having an affair with Orpa, the wife of the man who takes him in. Suspicions arise when Orpa’s husband Jamshed dies suddenly.

Who is in the Prohelika cast?
The Prohelika cast includes Mahfuz Ahmed, Shabnom Bubly, Nasir Uddin Khan, Rashed Mamun Apu, and director Chayanika Chowdhury.

How can I watch Prohelika?
Prohelika was released in theaters in Bangladesh on June 29, 2023. It became available on the streaming platform Binge on August 5, 2023.

What is Shabnom Bubly's role?
Shabnom Bubly delivers a powerful performance as Orpa, the wife of the man who takes protagonist Mona into his home. Her emotional portrayal drives much of the film.

Is Prohelika director Chayanika Chowdhury's first film?
No, Prohelika is Chowdhury's third film after directing over 300 TV dramas. Her first two films were Bishwoshundori (2020) and Kagojer Bou (2022).

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In the end, Prohelika offers an intriguing premise and exceptional lead performance from Shabnom Bubly that outweigh its narrative shortcomings.

Chayanika Chowdhury continues to grow as a promising director, even if her handling of the third-act resolution leaves something to be desired.

For fans of Bengali cinema looking for a showcase of Bubly’s talents, Prohelika delivers ample emotionally resonant scenes. While not without flaws, the movie provides quality acting and technical execution.

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