Cabaret Bengali Web Series Review!

Cabaret aims to offer an intense drama around Kolkata's Naxalite era but falters due to overused stereotypes. 

Read our review of this new Addatimes Bengali web series - from the storyline and flaws to the retro vibe and performances. Find out if you should watch it.

Cabaret Bengali Web Series Review

Cabaret: A Clich├ęd Portrayal of 1970s Kolkata

Cabaret, a new Bengali web series on Addatimes, aims to offer an intense drama capturing Kolkata in the 1960s and 70s. 

However, it falls short due to overused stereotypes and lack of authenticity and imagination.

Cabaret Bengali Web Series

The Story and Its Flaws

The show revolves around Elina (Puja Banerjee), a renowned cabaret dancer at Moulin Rouge club in the 70s. 

She has a tragic past that led her into this profession. Palash (Satyam Bhattacharya), a Naxalite revolutionary, goes undercover as a waiter at the club. 

Both Elina and Palash work under the shrewd club owner Mr. Shah (Shantilal Mukherjee). As expected, Elina and Palash fall in love amidst the political turmoil.

The major problem lies in the uninspired writing that simply borrows heavily from past depictions of the era. 

All the characters represent familiar tropes, whether it’s the helpless dancer with a sob story or the comical depiction of Naxalites as naive rebels. 

There is no fresh perspective or insight provided through these portrayals.

Even small creative choices like naming the club "Moulin Rouge" show lack of imagination. For a fictional work set in Kolkata, an original name would have gone a long way.

Cabaret Bengali Web Series 01

The Retro Flavor and Performances

While the writing may be weak, the show does manage to get the retro aesthetics right. 

Old footage of Kolkata, vintage props, costumes and interiors succeed in transporting the audience back to 70s Calcutta. The background score also complements the mood and era well.

The cast, especially Satyam Bhattacharya as the passionate Naxalite and Shantilal Mukherjee as the shrewd club owner, deliver convincing performances. 

Satyam Bhattacharya stands out with his raw energy while Shantilal Mukherjee aptly depicts a greedy businessman.

Puja Banerjee
glams up the screen as the cabaret dancer but lacks consistency. She shines more in her deglam scenes rather than intense dance performances.

Cabaret Bengali Web Series 02

Verdict: Watch It for the Retro Vibes

Despite a talented cast, Cabaret falters due to overused stereotypes and lacks the authenticity or novelty to make it a compelling period drama. 

However, the show recreates the retro aesthetics of 70s Calcutta well through its production quality.

Go for it if you simply want to immerse in some vintage Kolkata vibes rather than witness an innovative portrayal of the Naxalite era. 

Just don’t expect much beyond the surface level period element. 

Cabaret Bengali Web Series 03

FAQs: Some FAQs for Cabaret Web Series Review

When and where is Cabaret set?
Cabaret is set in 1970s Kolkata at a fictional cabaret club called Moulin Rouge. It aims to capture the city and era when the Naxalite movement was at its peak.

What is the show about?
The show revolves around a cabaret dancer named Elina (played by Puja Banerjee) who has a tragic past. She works at the club along with Palash (played by Satyam Bhattacharya), an undercover Naxalite posing as a waiter. As they work under the club owner Mr. Shah, Elina and Palash fall in love amidst the political turmoil.

Why does the review criticize the writing?
The review points out that the show’s writing relies too heavily on overused stereotypes and lacks authenticity or fresh perspective in its portrayals of the key characters as well as the Naxalite movement. It states the need for more novelty and imagination.

What does the show get right?

While the writing falters, Cabaret succeeds in recreating the vintage aesthetics of 70s Kolkata well through its production quality. The costumes, sets, footage and soundtrack build the retro atmosphere appropriately.

Should you watch Cabaret?

Go for it if you simply want to immerse in some old-world Kolkata vibes rather than witness an innovative drama on Naxalism. Just don’t expect much beyond the surface-level period recreation. Watch it primarily for the retro flavor.

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