Sentimentaaal Bengali Movie Review!

Dive into the world of "Sentimental," where action, romance, and comedy intertwine in a familiar tale. 

Explore Yash Dasgupta's comeback, the directorial approach, star performances, and more in this insightful review.

Sentimentaaal Bengali Movie Review

Sentimental: A Formulaic Blend of Action, Romance, and Comedy

Exploring Yash Dasgupta's Comeback and Directorial Vision

Welcome to the world of "Sentimental," where action, romance, and comedy intertwine in a formulaic yet entertaining tale.

Dive into our review to discover Yash Dasgupta's much-anticipated comeback, explore the directorial vision behind the film, and uncover its strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, we've included some frequently asked questions to address any lingering queries you may have. Let's embark on this cinematic journey together!

Sentimentaaal Bengali Movie

Star Performances:

Yash Dasgupta, Nusrat Jahan, and Sayantani Ghosh headline the cast of "Sentimental." 

Yash Dasgupta's return lacks the distinctive flair expected, and the chemistry between him and Nusrat Jahan fails to ignite in the initial half. 

Unlike the experimental looks often seen in South Indian cinema, the portrayal of characters lacks impact.


Baba Yadav helms the film, presenting well-executed action sequences in the latter half. 

However, the directorial approach adheres closely to conventional formulas, missing opportunities to inject freshness.

The absence of innovative character stylization akin to Swapan Saha's era raises doubts about the director's creative vision.

Other Aspects:

Technical facets such as color grading, cinematography, and editing feel outdated, failing to enhance the overall cinematic experience.

The hero's entrance lacks dynamism crucial for commercial success, while the attempted comedy falls short, resembling a pale imitation of past successes.

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  •     The second-half showdown between hero and villain captivates audiences.
  •     Action choreography exhibits meticulous planning for a mainstream audience.
  •     Yash Dasgupta's return marks a highlight for his fans.


  •     The initial half relies heavily on lead actors' chemistry, resulting in a weak start.
  •     Lack of innovative looks for both hero and villain.
  •     Technical treatment reminiscent of a bygone era.
  •     Comedy elements lack the charm of predecessors, feeling forced.
  •     The item number fails to enthrall, accompanied by a cliché background score.

Should You Watch It?

"Sentimental" caters to fans of conventional commercial cinema, offering action, drama, and item numbers.

However, those seeking innovation in storytelling or technical brilliance may find it lacking. 

Ultimately, its success hinges on viewers' preference for traditional narratives and star-driven performances.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Is "Sentimental" a typical mainstream Bengali film?
    Yes, "Sentimental" follows the template of mainstream Bengali cinema, featuring familiar elements of action, romance, and comedy.

2. Does Yash Dasgupta's performance stand out in the film?
    While Yash Dasgupta makes a comeback, his performance lacks a distinctive style, which may disappoint some viewers expecting more from his return.

3. What sets "Sentimental" apart from other films in its genre?

    "Sentimental" distinguishes itself through its adherence to traditional storytelling techniques and star-driven performances, catering to fans of conventional Bengali cinema.

4. Are there any standout moments in the film?

    The second-half confrontation between the hero and villain is particularly engaging, showcasing well-designed action choreography for mainstream audiences.

5. Does "Sentimental" offer anything new in terms of direction or technical aspects?
    Unfortunately, the film falls short in terms of innovative direction and technical execution, relying instead on conventional approaches reminiscent of earlier eras in Bengali cinema.

6. Who would enjoy watching "Sentimental"?

    Fans of commercial Bengali cinema seeking a familiar blend of action, romance, and comedy may find "Sentimental" entertaining. However, those looking for fresh storytelling or technical innovation might be left wanting more.


"Sentimental" adheres closely to the established formula of mainstream cinema, relying on familiar tropes to engage audiences.

While it may appeal to fans of the genre, its adherence to convention may deter those seeking a more refreshing cinematic experience.

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