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Nusrat Jahan is an accomplished Indian Bengali film actress, model and politician. 

Born on January 8, 1990 in Kolkata, West Bengal, she started her career in modeling after winning the Fair One Miss Kolkata pageant in 2010. 

She made her acting debut in a lead role the following year and has since established herself as one of the most popular contemporary actresses in Bengali cinema.

Nusrat Jahans Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Besides her thriving career in films, Nusrat Jahan made headlines in 2019 when she won a seat in the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament representing the All India Trinamool Congress party. 

She enjoys widespread fame and recognition today not just for her acting and beauty but also as an inspiration for modern Indian women balancing multiple pursuits.

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Nusrat Jahan's Biography

Nusrat Jahan is an Indian Bengali actress who mainly acts in Bengali films. Apart from being an actress, she is also a politician. She started her acting career in 2011. 

She won the 2019 Lok Sabha polls as MP from the Basirhat constituency. She has worked with the biggest actors in Bengali cinema and has done many super hit films.

Nusrat Jahan is a multi-talented Bengali actress, model and politician born in 1990 in Kolkata. 

Nusrat Jahans Biography

After winning a beauty pageant, she made her acting debut in 2011 and rose to become a leading lady starring opposite top actors in many successful films. 

In 2019, she caused a stir by winning a parliamentary seat for the All India Trinamool Congress party with a record-breaking mandate. 

An inspiration for modern Indian women, Nusrat Jahan smoothly juggles her movie career along with political pursuits focused on women's issues and social justice. 

She attracts fame as much for her glamorous screen image as for her bold, progressive real-life persona that refuses to conform to stereotypes.

Nusrat Jahan Birth & Family

Nusrat Jahan was born on 8 January 1990 in a Muslim family in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 

Her father's name is Muhammed Shah Jahan and her mother is Sushma Khatun. She also has a sister named Nuzhat Jahan.

Nusrat Jahan Birth & Family

Nusrat Jahan comes from a Muslim family - her father Mohammed Shah Jahan is a businessman while her mother Sushma Khatun is a housewife. 

She has a younger sister, Nuzhat Jahan. The actress completed her schooling at Our Lady Queen of the Missions School and later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Bhabha College in Kolkata.

Nusrat Jahan Personal Life, Boyfriend or Husband & Son

Nusrat Jahan married her boyfriend Nikhil Jain in Turkey on 19 June 2019 as per Turkish Marriage Regulations. Her wedding reception was held in Kolkata.

This was attended by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee along with her acting friends and fellow MP Mimi Chakraborty and other actors.

Nusrat Jahans Husband

Then in June 2021, Nusrat Jahan broke up with Nikhil Jain and Nusrat Jahan said that their marriage was not valid, as per Turkish marriage rules, the marriage was invalid in India.

Moreover, since it was an inter-caste marriage, it required validation under the Special Marriage Act in India, which did not happen.

According to Nusrat Jahan, it was nothing but a live-in relationship. Nusrat Jahan's husband Nikhil Jain said they lived together as husband and wife and introduced themselves as a married couple in society.

Nusrat Jahans Boyfriend

He claims that I have devoted all my time and resources as a faithful and responsible husband. A Kolkata court has ruled that the marriage of Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain is legally invalid.

After her divorce, she tied the knot with actor Yash Dasgupta but they haven't officially tied the knot yet. Nusrat Jahan gave birth to her first son on 26 August 2021.

Nusrat Jahans Son

Asking Nusrat Jahan to know the identity of her son's father, Nusrat Jahan says that the father knows who the father is. 

But later it came to know that the son's birth certificate has Yash Dasgupta as his father's name. Her son's name is Yishan.

Nusrat Jahan’s personal life has attracted media attention and some controversy over the years. 

In June 2019, she married businessman Nikhil Jain in Turkey but the marriage ended in separation in 2021. As per Nusrat Jahan, their Turkish matrimonial certificate was invalid in India.

The actress later gave birth to a son in August 2021. Actor Yash Dasgupta is officially mentioned as the father on the child’s birth certificate. 

While Nusrat Jahan maintains that the father’s identity is known to her, she has chosen to keep it private.

Nusrat Jahan Education

Nusrat Jahan studied at Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Kolkata. After finishing school, she graduated from Bhabanipur College, Kolkata with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree.

Nusrat Jahan completed her school education from Our Lady Queen of the Missions School in Kolkata. 

Nusrat Jahan Education

She then earned a Bachelor's degree with Honors in Commerce from Bhabha College, which is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. 

After finishing her academics, Nusrat Jahan entered modeling before embarking on an acting career in Bengali films. 

She continues to engage in self-learning as an MP, focusing particularly on legal and constitutional rights, financial policies as well as issues pertaining to women's welfare and child development.

Nusrat Jahan Physical Structure

Her height is 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is 55 Kilo Gram. Nusrat Jahan's figure is 34-30-34 inches. Also, her eye and hair colour is brown. 

Nusrat Jahan has an attractive, glamorous physical appearance that complements her celebrity status.

Nusrat Jahan Physical Structure

She stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches and has a slim, well-toned figure measuring 34-30-34 inches (bust-waist-hip). 

The actress has an oval-shaped face, bright eyes, and long, dark brown hair. 

Her sharp features, graceful gait and vibrant screen presence contribute greatly to her success as a leading lady in Bengali movies.

Nusrat Jahan Acting Career

Nusrat Jahan started her career in modelling. Nusrat Jahan started her modelling career after winning the Fair One Miss Kolkata beauty pageant in 2010.

Nusrat Jahan then made her acting debut in 2011, opposite Supaster Jeet in Shotru directed by Raj Chakraborty. In her second film Khoka 420, she acted opposite Dev.

Nusrat Jahans Acting Career

After that, she had no difficulty in making his place in Bengali cinema. She has worked with Bengali actors like Jeet, Dev, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee, Ankush Hazra, Yash Dasgupta etc.

She acted in many superhit movies like Asur, Zulfiqar, Khoka 420, Crisscross, Har Har Byomkesh, Bolo Dugga Maiki, Ami Je Ke Tomar, Love Express, Khiladi, SOS Kolkata, One, Kelor Kirti, Power, Shotru, Jamai 420, Haripada Bandwala, Naqaab, Swastik Sanket, Dictionary, Yoddha etc.

Nusrat Jahan Awards

Nusrat Jahan won the Fair One Miss Kolkata beauty pageant in 2010, marking her entry into the glamour industry. 

In 2022, she was felicitated with the prestigious Mahanayika Award by the Government of West Bengal, recognizing her cinematic success as a top Bengali actress. 

Nusrat Jahan Awards

Beyond cinema, her 2019 record-breaking election victory also earned Nusrat Jahan the honor of being one of the youngest Members of Parliament from West Bengal.

  • Fair One Miss Kolkata 2010.
  • In 2022, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee presented her with the Mahanayaka Award.

Nusrat Jahan Political Life

Nusrat Jahan joined the Trinamool Congress Party in 2019 and Mamata Banerjee announced Nusrat Jahan's name as a candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from the Basirhat constituency

Nusrat Jahan won for Trinamool Congress defeating her nearest candidate Sayantan Bose of BJP by three and a half lakh votes.

Nusrat Jahans Political Life

Parallel to her showbiz career, Nusrat Jahan took the political plunge in 2019 when she joined All India Trinamool Congress party. 

She won the General Elections that year with a sweeping majority of over 300,000 votes from West Bengal's Basirhat constituency.

As a Member of Parliament, she focuses on issues of women empowerment and social welfare. 

Her glamorous image coupled with strong academic credentials make her an influential Gen-next politician boasting mass appeal.

Nusrat Jahan Likes & Hobbies

Her favourite Bollywood actor is Shah Rukh Khan. And her favourite Bollywood actress is Preity Zinta

Her favourite food is mutton & pasta. She likes pink and yellow colours. She loves to watch cricket. Nusrat Jahan's hobby is shopping & gym.

Nusrat Jahan Likes & Hobbies

Nusrat Jahan is a huge fan of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and also admires actress Preity Zinta's vivacious charm. 

She enjoys indulging in mutton and pasta dishes. Pink and yellow are among her favourite colours. 

The actress loves watching cricket matches in her free time. Some of her hobbies include shopping, hitting the gym to maintain her fitness, and engaging with her followers on social media. 

Nusrat Jahan thoroughly enjoys the process of acquiring new political knowledge as well in order to be an effective MP.

Nusrat Jahan Controversy

Nusrat Jahan Controversy

  • In January 2017, Nusrat Jahan's boyfriend, Qadir Khan, was accused of rape and accused Nusrat Jahan of helping to nurture and protect Qadir, although Nusrat Jahan categorically denied this.
  • However, some lawyers demanded Nusrat Jahan's arrest for aiding and abetting a criminal. Later, Nusrat Jahan further claimed that Qadir Khan had harmed her emotionally and raped her emotionally.
  • On his first day in Parliament as an M.P., she shared a picture on social media where he is standing in front of Parliament in western attire. She along with Mimi Chakraborty was quizzed on their choice of clothes after they went to Parliament.
  • She got married to Nikhil Jain in 2019 and their marriage broke up in 2021. Their marriage was according to Turkish rules which were not valid in India.
  • She said we were in a live-in relationship but her husband said they used to identify themselves as husband and wife in society. Which created a controversy about Nusrat Jahan.
  • After her divorce in 2021 when her son was born, when asked to know the identity of the son's father, she said that the father knows who the father is because of this she faced criticism.
  • Being a Muslim, she faced criticism for wearing revealing, bikini-clad clothes.

Few facts about Nusrat Jahan

Few facts about Nusrat Jahan

  • Nusrat Jahan won the Fear One Miss Kolkata pageant in 2010.
  • She won the audition among 50 contestants and got the chance to act in the movie opposite Jeet, one of the superstars of Bengali cinema.
  • She participated in Bengal Celebrity League's theme song for the Medinipur Maitis team along with Dev and Sayantika Banerjee.
  • In 2019, when she was speaking to local people in Jhargram city during the Lok Sabha election campaign, the stage collapsed when some people tried to take a selfie with her and the video went viral in time.
  • Mimi Chakraborty, one of the most popular actresses in Bengali cinema, is her friend.
  • Bangladeshi actress Tareen Jahan is her aunty (father's sister).
  • Rumours of her marriage with Jamshedpur businessman Victor Ghosh for almost 5 years. However, she denied all rumours about her and Victor's marriage and revealed that they had a live-in relationship.

Nusrat Jahan FAQs

Some FAQs About Nusrat Jahan

Question: Who is Nusrat Jahan?
Answer: A Bengali actress and politician.

Q: When was Nusrat Jahan born?
Answer: 8 January 1990.

Question: What is the name of Nusrat Jahan's first film?
Answer: Shotru (2011).

Question: What is the name of Nusrat Jahan's son?
Answer: Yishan.

Question: How old is Nusrat Jahan?
Answer: 31 years (as of 1-1-2022)

Question: What is the height of Nusrat Jahan?
Answer: 5 feet 7 inches.

Question: Nusrat Jahan is associated with which political party?
Answer: Trinamool Congress.

Nusrat Jahan

For someone who first shot to fame through beauty pageants, Nusrat Jahan has shown immense grit and versatility in establishing successful careers as an actress and politician while also managing motherhood. 

Young and unafraid to take risks, she represents a progressive face of the modern Indian woman excelling in multiple roles on her own terms.

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