Jatugriha Bengali Film Review!

Friends, Today We Will Be Reviewing the Bengali Film Jatugriha. Even though the screenplay is very good, it could not scare Jatugriha! Both Bonny Sengupta and Parambrata Chatterjee have done well.

Jatugriha Bengali Film Review

The recently released Bengali film "Jatugriha" bills itself as a horror movie, but does it truly frighten or fall flat? 

In this review, we’ll analyze the plot, performances, direction and overall effectiveness of the scares. 

While leading men Bonny Sengupta and Parambrata Chatterjee turn in solid performances, inconsistencies in pacing and tension prevent the film from reaching full terrifying potential. Read on for the full critique.

Ghost films may have been made in West Bengal, but are horror films made in Tollywood? The question is quite complex. You might be thinking, what is the difference between a ghost and a horror film?

Let's say the matter is a little different. So far, many ghost films have been made in West Bengal. This film was claimed to be intimidating. But believe me, no one is capable of scaring me.

Just like the film Bhoy Peo Na released a few months ago. If you watch this film, starring Srabanti Chatterjee and Om Sahani, you will get less fear and more laughter.

Jatugriha Bengali Film

No more talking. Let's get to the point. The reason for writing so much above is a new Bengali film, Jatugriha.

The director is Saptaswa Basu. To put it in the genre, this film is a ghost film. Most importantly, it is also a horror film.

Before deciding whether the film is good or bad, let's touch on the story. In this film, Bonny Sengupta plays the role of a hotel manager who gets a job and leaves for a small village.

Jatugriha Film

There was a conversation with Piyali Chakraborty. Bonny Sengupta fell in love with Piyali Chakraborty at first sight. 

But Bonny Sengupta realises that something strange is going on in Piyali Chakraborty's house. Which is pretty cool.

In between, the village priest, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Payel Sarkar, entered. What is happening in this small village? The story of Jatugriha continues with this mystery.

From the point of view of the story, there is innovation in Jatugriha. In particular, director Saptaswa Basu's narration keeps the film in a funky mood. Even so, there will be fear in many places in the film.

But the problem with this film is that, even though the beginning is right, as the film progresses, the tension of the screenplay goes away. As a result, Jatugriha cannot sustain the hope it initially created.


Everyone is very good in terms of acting. In particular, Bonny Sengupta is very mature in this film. Parambrata Chatterjee is also pretty good.

Payel Sarkar and Piyali Chakraborty are appropriate. All in all, this film is not bad to watch. But Jatugriha can't leave much of an impression as a horror film.

Jatugriha serves up a promising initial thriller concept and benefits from Bonny Sengupta's standout performance. 

However, inconsistencies in plot and pacing prevent the film from fully delivering as an terrifying, edge of your seat horror movie. 

While worth a watch for horror buffs or fans of the lead actors, the film doesn't manage to break much new ground for the genre.

I give Jatugriha 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for viewers with moderate horror tastes looking for a decent creepy tale. 

Just don't expect the scariest experience and prepare for spikes and lulls throughout. 

With tighter writing and direction, the premise and cast could have crafted a Bengal horror classic. As is, Jatugriha doesn't fully live up to its potential.

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