Review of the Bengali film Bhoy Peo Na!

Today our topic is Bhoy Peo Na Bengali Movie Review. 'Bhoy Peo Na' is a successful name! The movie "Bhoy Peo Na" is not scary at all.

Review of the Bengali film Bhoy Peo Na

'Bhoy Peo Na' immediately draws the audience in with an intriguing premise that combines family drama with supernatural horror elements. 

However, while director Ayon Dey deserves praise for attempting an unconventional genre mashup, the execution leaves much to be desired. 

A promising start gives way to a predictable and unengaging plot in the second half. 

Uneven performances, particularly from lead Srabanti Chatterjee, further hamper the film's ability to maintain suspense and audience investment.

The daughter-in-law came home. The mother-in-law welcomed him and brought him inside the house. The colourful dream in the eyes of the new wife is to set foot in the new world. 

But suddenly, two hairy black hands come forward in that dream! If the shadow appears unexpectedly on the house's side porch!

So what? This is the beginning of director Ayon Dey's new film, "Bhoy Peo Na." From the beginning of the film, the director starts to create one mystery after another. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fights are added.

Yes, the ego scene between the mother-in-law and mother-in-law is the main scene of the movie "Bhoy Peo Na". 

Into which director Ayon Dey has poured the elements of a horror film. This film is a psychological family drama, to put it in the genre.

Director Ayon Dey has shown novelty in choosing the subject. for which he must be applauded. However, he went to great lengths to properly present the subject.

Bhoy Peo Na

As a result, the film got off to a great start but lost interest in the film by the second half.

Let's touch on the story without revealing the mystery of the film. Akash (Om) is married to Ananya (Srabanti Chatterjee). 

Ananya sets foot in the new world. But from the first day, she noticed that there was a disturbance in her father-in-law's house.

Even Ananya gradually realises that her mother-in-law's behaviour is not normal. Suddenly, various ghostly incidents happen with Ananya. 

Is there a ghost, or any other mystery? This is the story that goes on in this film. However, in the first half of the mystery film, the film becomes very predictable.

This movie is by Srabanti Chatterjee. There is no frame without Srabanti Chatterjee. However, he could not take advantage of this opportunity. 

On the contrary, in many scenes, Srabanti Chatterjee's supernatural performance weakens the scenes.

As much as you get the chance, Om deserves it. On the other hand, Vivek Trivedi is quite good in the short range. It would be nice to see the item merchant dancing. 

The songs are also pretty good. However, if the screenplay had been a little stronger, then maybe this film could have kept the interest of the audience even a little bit.

Bhoy Peo Na had the ingredients to be a fresh and thrilling genre-bending entry in Bengali cinema. 

Unfortunately, predictability and uneven acting diminish what starts off as an intriguing psychological family drama/horror hybrid. 

Yet it still offers enough in the way of creativity, music, and technical polish to be worth a look for Bengali cinephiles seeking something beyond the ordinary. 

With a tighter, less formulaic plot and more balanced performances, it could have been something special. As is, Bhoy Peo Na shows potential but ultimately misses the mark on executing its ambitious vision.

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