Belashuru Bengali Movie Review!

Hello, friends! Today's topic is Belashuru Bengali Movie Review. Finding love in the shadow of a memory, ‘Belashuru’ is like our magical life memory. 

Belashuru Bengali Movie Review

Memory is a wonderful thing. Much of our existence exists only in the balconies of memory as if we are oblivious to it. 

But to build a house with memories, pockets full of memories, However, what happens if you lose your familiar half? From then on, the magical narrative of Belashuru began.

Bishwanath Sarkar (Soumitra Chatterjee) of ‘Belaseshe’ stands on the exact opposite axis of the diversity and breadth that he wanted to discover in the life of 'Belashuru'.

Her life no longer wants to run outside but seeks to find an opportunity to face the two bars themselves. 

After denying and rediscovering the life that Bishwanath once thought was monotonous, let him find the true meaning of life in the story of 'Belashuru'.

"Belaseshe" wanted to observe life in the conflict between home and outside. ‘Belashuru’ wanted to experience life in memory and exile.

When Bishwanath arrives in this story, he realizes that he is unable to cross the threshold of his wife Aarti's (Swati Lekha Sengupta's) memory. His wife may have Alzheimer's. Bishwanath tried his best to restore his wife's memory.

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He is looking out for himself in this endeavour. The one who is deported by the memory of a loved one is dead. When this helplessness touches Bishwanath, life has passed away after twenty years.

How much has changed in that fast-paced time? The relationship between the children of Bishwanath and Aarti has been connected somewhere; it has become clearer again somewhere.

The curse of time has come and changed the statement of the relationship. The children of Bishwanath-Aarti have found the experience of life while dealing with that situation. Relationships are not linear.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Maybe Pew, Palash, Sharmistha, Barin, Bijan, and Malshree understand that. In terms of relationships, the problem only changes colour.

And these characters can recognise life as if it were an aching boat, despite the turbulence of many waves, where it becomes the perfect place for two riders to sit.

When the oscillation of hope and despair is over, there is no more fear of sinking. In the film, Bishwanath's daughter (Rituparna Sengupta) seems to say the same thing.

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Friendship is the lost half of life that can be recovered by going through many equations and many calculations. Whatever the nickname of the relationship, it is the friendship that keeps the light on.

Another search is parallel to this exploration. Aarti's amnesia allowed him to delve deeper into his memory. His roots — Faridpur, Bangladesh, Yusuf, Atindrada — became much clearer to him.

Aarti of "Belasheshe" silently denies it. He wants to return to his true identity.

We may all want to return to that identity. This identity builds a life of love. As life seeks love, Aarti, or we are looking for loving life.

That is why Aarti has carefully kept it in his memory. Her husband is there as a story, but the real man can't seem to touch that shadow.

Bishwanath continues to lose to his own story. This crisis is not just his alone; it also has a universal analogy. Maybe this crisis period will And to her relief, Aarti wants to know the story of her love life.

This search for Aarti and Bishwanath's introspection into Aarti's memory, therefore, became the centre of gravity of 'Belashuru'. This film is no longer a family story. 

Rather, this story of searching for oneself and discovering oneself through others should become our collective living memory.

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In many ways, the page of memory is turned upside down by "Belashuru." The opportunity to see Soumitra Chatterjee and Swatilekha Sengupta on the big screen once again makes Bengalis memorable.

It is not possible to witness this duet anymore. Just as he wanted to sit quietly next to the outstanding performance of the memoryless Swati Lekha, so the inexplicable expression on the broken face of Soumitra on the other side reminded us that we were not lucky. One of us was Soumitra and Swatilekha.

However, the story of 'Belashuru', which speaks of amnesia, which speaks of seeking identity, will be remembered for a long time by the viewers of Bengali films in the Soumitra-Swatilekha duet.

Rituparna Sengupta, Aparajita Adhya, Kharaj Mukherjee, Monami Ghosh, Indrani Dutta, Shankar Chakraborty, and a small number of Rudraprasuds and Kaushik Sen—make their characters so realistic that this family doesn't seem like a movie.


And the audience was eagerly waiting for the "Tapa Tini" song. This movie speaks of caring for life. It is said to bring friendship from the emptiness of unrelatedness. This picture is about the time to return.

Whether or not Bishwanath found himself in his wife's memory, or whether Aarti recognized his roots, these answers do not ultimately become important decisions.

That's all there is to it. The shock of these two words, therefore, stunned the viewer. Faced with life and the meaning of life, the audience realises that the movie "Belashuru" does not really end. It starts again within each viewer's own experience.

The mood of the film in this episode is not sad; it touches on some kind of celebration. Director Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee were thankful for the gift of a film that takes the Bengali audience back to Arshinagar to get to know them behind the scenes.

It takes you back to your own experiences, memories, entities, and relationships. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with its' Belaseshe 'followed by a Belashuru ', but 'Belashuru' has no other 'Belaseshe'.

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