Hridpindo: Bengali Movie Review!

Today's topic is Hridpindo Bengali Movie Review. The performance of the Arpita-Saheb duo is the only achievement. How is the 'Hridpindo'?

Hridpindo Bengali Movie Review

Hridpindo (Game of Hearts) is a Bengali romantic drama film directed by Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay. It explores the eternal debate - does the heart or mind drive human behavior and decision making?

The film features a love triangle between Arya (Arpita Chatterjee), a married college professor who suffers a head injury resulting in amnesia, her husband Somak (Saheb Chattopadhyay) and her childhood sweetheart Rik (Prantik Bandyopadhyay) who reappears to spark old feelings.

Heart or brain: who drives us? Emotional voting is towards the heart. Rationalists must say "brain." Some will say that love is a game of hormones. 

Now if one's brain is not so active, how can he direct love with his heart? Can you touch the love of the truth? With all this, Shiladitya Mallik's new film "Hridpindo" premieres.

At the beginning of the film, the argument begins: Are the heart and the brain the same? Arya (Arpita Chattopadhyay) is a biology teacher. 

One of his college students (Anubhav Kanjilal) asks, Is the heart just a muscle? Is it his only job to continue blood circulation?

Then there's William Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore, who created so much literature from the heart! 

Arya tried to persuade the student, but he was adamant. After college, the boy followed Arya. Awkwardly, an accident happened.


Arya is injured in such a way that temporary amnesia consumes her. Forget everything you see. 

I remember my childhood memories. His mental age was fourteen and fifteen. That's how his behaviour changed.

Somak's (Saheb Chattopadhyay) is forgotten, but her father's (Pradeep Chakraborty) is remembered. On the other hand, adolescent lover Rik (Prantik Bandyopadhyay) comes to mind.

According to the doctor's advice, her father and husband brought her to the hill. Arya discovers Bablu in her best friend Rik. Rik also joined them there. The triangle of love begins.

Somak believes that Arya's memory will come back one day. Therefore he gives concessions to Arya. Meanwhile, the relationship between Rik and Arya is getting deeper.

The Saheb-Arpita relationship seems more credible than that. Arpita Chatterjee alone has successfully handled the challenge of a very difficult character. Saheb is quite fluent in his character.

However, several scenes in the film seemed unnecessary. Ranjay Bhattacharya's music is very good. Added a unique dimension to the mood of the photo. 

In other words, director Shiladitya has a sensitive mind. Yet the movie could have been smaller. And in some sequences, more care could be taken. 

Hridpindo raises thought-provoking questions about the tension between the heart and mind through an entertaining melodramatic storyline. 

Director Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay focuses more on crafting atmosphere and showcasing performance rather than depth.

Nevertheless, Arpita Chatterjee’s convincing portrayal of Arya is enough to carry the film. 

Some scenes linger too long losing purpose which tightening the editing could have resolved. The music and cinematography enhance the viewing experience.

On the whole, Hridpindo qualifies more as arthouse cinema than mainstream entertainment. Viewers seeking an introspective film analyzing philosophical concepts of love will find merit. 

The open-ended climax will polarized audiences but makes one reflect on the heart vs. mind debate at the crux of the script.

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