Kolonko Bengali Web Series Review!

A review of the intense Bengali web series Kolonko starring Ritwik Chakraborty and Raima Sen.

When two married couples cross emotional and physical boundaries, their complex web of friendships, affairs, and lies ends in tragedy.

Friendship, marriage, passion, betrayal. This volatile mix of ingredients makes for an explosive recipe that fuels the intense new Bengali web series "Kolonko."

Simmering beneath its thriller trappings lies a deeper story of the messy complexities of human relationships.

When the lines blur between marital and platonic bonds, even the closest of friends can become unmoored - with shocking consequences.

Starring veterans like Ritwik Chakraborty and Raima Sen as two members of an interconnected foursome, "Kolonko" rivetingly portrays the primal human desires that refuse to be tamed.

Kolonko Bengali Web Series Review

Navigating the twists and turns of marriage

Life brings many phases in relationships. What starts as a romantic connection can evolve into a lifelong partnership.

But what happens when the trajectory of a relationship unexpectedly shifts? This uncomfortable reality is explored in the Bengali web series "Kolonko."

Kolonko Bengali Web Series

When friendships become complicated

"Kolonko" follows two married couples, Chaity and Rangan (played by Ritwik Chakraborty and Raima Sen) and their close friends Piya and Rahul.

While the foursome prides themselves on their honest friendship, things take an unexpected turn when latent attractions and boredom are on the surface of their marriage. 

They soon become entangled in a complex web of affairs and lies.

The show’s strength lies in its raw exploration of the spectrum between friendship and romantic love - and the intrinsic human desire we all have for passion.

For Charity and Rangan, their “open friendship” with Piya and Rahul shakes the foundation of their 20-year marriage.

Through flashbacks, we learn the two couples have been close since college. 

While this deep history cements their bond, it also kindles an unavoidable spark when their relationships show signs of stagnation.

Kolonko Bengali Web Series 01

Blurring friendship lines

Director Abhimanyu Mukherjee brings nuance to the grey area between friendship and infidelity. 

Chaity and Piya’s long glances and furtive touches reveal a chemistry that’s impossible to resist despite them both being married women.

And while Rangan seems complacent in his marriage, his attraction to the fiery Piya also becomes evident. 

Abhimanyu Mukherjee conveys these complex emotions through lingering shots and subtle gestures between the characters.

At first, Raima Sen and Ritwik Chakraborty convince us of their characters' emotional shift - from feeling neglected by their spouses to seeking passion outside their marriages.

But when emotions escalate and lies snowball, the fallout turns tragic. Someone gets murdered as simmering tensions reach a boiling point.

Who murders who? 

Well, that mystery is best left unspoiled. But rest assured, even as "Kolonko"s plot takes several dark turns, Abhimanyu Mukherjee succeeds in telling an unpredictable story that keeps you hooked.

Kolonko Bengali Web Series 02

Standout performances

Raima Sen is especially stunning as Chaity, delivering a masterclass in expressing the gnawing ache of discontent through microexpressions. 

Meanwhile, seasoned actor Ritwik Chakraborty smoothly inhabits the role of the brooding Rangan.

The limited screen time given to Arunava’s Piya still allows her to make her mark as the alluring object of desire who upends the couples’ lives.

Relative newcomer Rahul also leaves a lasting impression as Piya’s husband Rahul, perfectly encapsulating the bitterness of a cuckolded spouse.

While "Kolonko" sometimes makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience, it still resonates.  

Abhimanyu Mukherjee brings refreshing candour to the very relatable struggles of sustaining desire within long-term relationships.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Kolonko Bengali Web Series 03


What is Kolonko about?
"Kolonko" follows two married couples whose relationships are disrupted when latent attractions and boredom in their marriages cause them to cross emotional and physical boundaries.

Who made Kolonko?
The Bengali web series is directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee and stars actors Ritwik Chakraborty, Raima Sen, Arunava and Rahul.

Where can I watch Kolonko?
Kolonko is currently streaming exclusively on Hoichoi, a popular Bengali OTT platform.

What is the message of Kolonko?
While depicting the complexity of human relationships and desires, "Kolonko" shows how even the closest friendships can become compromised when lines get blurred. It explores the intrinsic human yearning for passion - even after years of marriage.

Is Kolonko worth watching?
Yes, "Kolonko" is a compelling character-driven drama that resonates deeply. Between the stunning lead performances, unpredictable plot twists and its raw take on the emotional complexities of relationships, the show makes for a binge-worthy watch.

Kolonko Bengali Web Series 04


In closing, "Kolonko" makes a strong impression as an unpredictable relationship drama that will resonate deeply through its stellar performances and willingness to plunge into the darkness that can permeate even the closest bonds.

While often uncomfortable to watch, the series ultimately leaves viewers recognizing the intrinsic human desires that refuse to fade even in lifelong partnerships.

More than just a provocative thriller, "Kolonko" holds up a mirror to the complex realities of marriage and relationships, showcasing both the light and shadows that exist within us all.

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