Bert Kreischer Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Net Worth & More!

Learn all about comedian Bert Kreischer's life, career, age, wife, and net worth in this detailed biography and profile.

Before selling out theaters as one of stand-up comedy's hottest acts, Bert Kreischer was known for his wild partying ways as an undergrad at Florida State University. 

Bert Kreischer Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Net Worth

A 1997 Rolling Stone profile put Bert Kreischer's non-stop antics in the spotlight, dubbing him "The Undergraduate" who was "the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country." And the rest is history.

Though his college days now live on in infamy and raucous storytelling, Bert Kreischer has transformed into a bonafide sensation as a comedian, podcaster, and performer.

Garnering millions of fans across his multi-decade career, Bert Kreischer is now far more than his former status as resident party monster.

Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer: America’s Top Partier Turned Successful Comedian

Bert Kreischer has become one of the most popular stand-up comedians in America thanks to his high-energy performances and spellbinding storytelling.

Known for being named the "top partyer" at Florida State University in a 1997 Rolling Stone article, Bert Kreischer has transformed his wild college stories into comedy gold.

Early Life and College Years

Born Albert Kareischer on November 3, 1972 in Tampa, Florida, Bert Kreischer grew up with his lawyer father Al and early childhood education worker mother Gege. 

After graduating from Jesuit High School, Bert Kreischer headed to Florida State University on a scholarship.

While at FSU, Bert Kreischer joined the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and majored in English. In 1997, his sixth year at Florida State, the Princeton Review ranked FSU the number one party school in the nation.

Rolling Stone then featured Bert Kreischer in a six-page cover article dubbing him “The Top Partyer at the Number One Party School.” And a comedy superstar was born.

Bert Kreischer Stand-Up Comedy Success

Stand-Up Comedy Success

After the Rolling Stone article, Bert Kreischer moved to New York City and worked as a stand-up comedian at clubs like Carolines on Broadway. HisSets featured hilarious and often unbelievable stories from his hard-partyingcollege days.

In 2003, Bert Kreischer recorded his first comedy album “Hurt Bert” which brought his brand of storytelling stand-up to a wider audience. He also performed on comedy Central Presents in 2004.

Over the next decade, Bert Kreischer toured constantly and released popular specials like “The Machine,” “Secret Time,” and “Hey Big Boy.”

His 2017 Netflix special “The Machine” and stories about partying with The Russian mob propelled Bert Kreischer into comedy stardom.

Today he sells out theaters on his Body Shots World Tour and has starred in reality shows alongside Vanilla Ice and comic Tom Segura. Not bad for a former college party monster.

Personal Life and Fortune

Bert Kreischer met his future wife when he performed at a club in Ottawa, Canada in 2008. 

He and LeeAnn Kreischer married in 2010 and have two daughter's together, Georgia and Ila. They live a happy life when Bert Kreischer isn't touring.

Thanks to stand-up comedy success, his podcast “Bertcast,” bestselling books, and roles on shows like Bill Burr’s “F is for Family,” Bert Kreischer's net worth is an estimated $4 million in 2024.

The one-time top partier continues earning big laughs and big money with his comedy career today.

Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Bert kreischer Net Worth: Exploring the Path to a $14 Million

Bert Kreischer has made a lot of money from his comics and podcasts. One report claims Bert Kreischer is well-known in the entertainment industry. He is thought to be worth $14 million.

Forbes describes American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, reality TV personality, and podcaster Bert Kreischer. Bert Kreischer net worth 2023 estimated net worth is $14 million.

Bert Kreischer
offered commentary on our $8 million approximation of his net worth in an August 2023 episode of his podcast "2 Bears, 1 Cave" featuring Rob Lowe. 

His reply was, "Mine's low." People undervalue this, in my opinion.

How rich is Bert Kreischer?

Bert Kreischer net worth 2023 is reportedly $14 million.

  •  The stand-up comedy, podcasting, writing, and television appearances are only a few of his many artistic accomplishments.
  •  He is mainly known for his comedies, "Comfortably Dumb," "The Machine," and "Secret Time."
  •  With remarkable dexterity, Bert Kreischer presents "Bertcast," "Bill and Bert," and "2 Bears 1 Cave".
  •  "Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child," his autobiography, was written by him.
  •  Bert Kreischer maintains his groundedness and entertains audiences all over the world with his distinct sense of humour, even in the face of financial success. Because of his brilliance, diligence, and commitment to his craft, he is extremely wealthy.

Bert Kreischer net worth?

So what is Bert Kreischer net worth? According to estimates, Bert Kreischer's net worth is $4 million. 

Stand-up comedy tours, TV appearances, movie roles, podcast revenue, book sales, and product sales are the sources of his enormous wealth.

The Financial Success Factors of Bert Kreischer:

  • Bert Kreischer has been financially successful because he has diversified his sources of revenue through stand-up comedy, podcasts, television, and movies.
  • Because of his popularity in the entertainment business, Bert Kreischer has received offers for brand sponsorships and partnerships, which has enhanced his financial resources.
  • From a college student with a humorous anecdote to a comic worth millions, Bert Kreischer accomplished it all through perseverance and hard effort. These two things worked together to give him success.
  • Global Fan Base: Bert Kreischer's fame goes well beyond the United States. Since his followers throughout the world eagerly devour his information, he makes more money.
  • Bert Kreischer's fortune may increase if he owns stock in multiple companies. Numerous well-known celebrities deal with this.

Bert Kreischer Comedy Stand-Up Professional

Comedy Stand-Up Professional Experience at Bert Kreischer

  • A big part of Bert Kreischer's money comes from stand-up comedy. His distinctive narrative style and contagious enthusiasm have made him one of the most popular comedians of all time. He enthrals audiences everywhere.
  • After attending Florida State University, Bert Kreischer penned "The Undergraduate." He was noted by Rolling Stone magazine. His success began in this place. Following the story, Kreischer was dubbed the "top partier" in the nation due to the piece's extensive publicity. His humour and future success were paved with this reputation.
  • Bert Kreischer is a successful comedian and financial success due to his hard work and talent. As a stand-up comic, Bert Kreischer has made a fortune and delighted audiences all over the world with his podcasts and specials.

The Rise to Fame and Early Years of Bert Kreischer

Exploring the captivating narrative of Bert Kreischer's early life sheds light on his remarkable journey to comedic stardom. 

The amusing escapades during his college years, brilliantly chronicled by UKTechTimes, endeared him to friends and paved the way for a prosperous career in the entertainment industry. 

This ascent to fame has garnered widespread global recognition, captivating audiences far and wide.

Thrilling Comedian to Disco Star

Bert Kreischer became famous because he was known for being a wild and controversial partygoer. Bert Kreischer transformed from an ebullient FSU student into a famous comedian during his time there. 

Albert saw this change when he was there. From his charming personality to his funny stories, he was the consummate comic.

The original resident of Tampa, Florida

In his city of Tampa, Florida, Bert Kreischer's natural ability to tell stories and make people laugh showed from a very young age. 

The vibrant culture and abundance of communities in Tampa made it an ideal home for Bert Kreischer's energetic personality. 

He demonstrated his natural talent for connecting with an audience through his regular humorous appearances in Potbelly's local pub, which set the stage for his subsequent career highlights.

Bert Kreischer Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy

His charisma and ability to strike a chord with viewers are the main reasons for his comedic success. 

Comedy specials that Bert Kreischer has been a part of, such as "Comfortably Dumb" and "The Machine," showcase his unique style and real ability to attract audiences.

Television and podcast

Bert Kreischer effortlessly moved from stand-up comedy to television, where he quickly became a fan favourite. 

His character became captivating. His charisma brought Bert Kreischer's "Trip Flip" and "Bert the Conqueror" to life, and he became known as a versatile TV host for Bert Kreischer

Podcasts, anecdotes, and jokes are how Bert Kreischer keeps his audience engaged.

Theatres based on Bert Kreischer's legendary exploits have become household names thanks to his numerous starring roles and screen adaptations. 

The movie version of his well-known tale "The Machine" demonstrates Bert Kreischer's influence on movie adaptations as well as the cinematic attraction of his tale. 

His voiceovers and cameos demonstrate his adaptability in the entertainment industry. 

FAQs About Bert Kreischer

FAQs About Bert Kreischer

What is Bert Kreischer best known for?
Bert Kreischer is best known for being named the top partier at Florida State University by a 1997 Rolling Stone article called "Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate." His comedy career started by telling hilarious stories about his wild college days and antics.

How much is Bert Kreischer worth?
Bert Kreischer's net worth is estimated to be roughly $4 million in 2024. He continues to rake in money through stand-up comedy, TV appearances, podcasts, and books.

Is Bert Kreischer married?
Yes, Bert Kreischer has been married to his wife LeeAnn Kreischer since 2010. They have two daughters together named Georgia and Ila.

What TV shows has Bert Kreischer been on?

Bert Kreischer has appeared on a variety shows and reality programs like Bill Burr's F Is for Family, Bert the Conqueror, and The Joe Rogan Experience. He also starred in the Travel Channel series Bert the Conqueror.

Bert Kreischer Photo

In conclusion

So there you have it - the untold story of Bert Kreischer, from top college partyer to stand-up comedy sensation. 

His enthusiasm for partying may have landed him in Rolling Stone twenty-five years ago, but today Bert Kreischer's passion lies in making audiences laugh across America.

Raking in millions along the way from comedy specials, podcasts, and more, Bert Kreischer shows no signs of slowing down.

Though he may always be known as the hard-partying boy from Florida State, Bert Kreischer has carved out an enduring career that will keep bringing joy and laughter for years to come.

It's safe to say the kid once crowned the king of the party school has truly come out on top, now reigning as one of comedy's brightest stars.

Bert Kreischer's journey to success is marked by hard work, talent, and a unique comedic style. 

Despite downplaying his net worth on occasions, his impact on the entertainment industry and his loyal audience base continue to fuel his financial success. 

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