Piyali Sasmal Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Explore the captivating journey of Piyali Sasmal, a prominent Bengali TV actress, from her early days in Midnapore to becoming a social media influencer. 

Uncover her achievements, favourites, and unknown facets that make her a multifaceted talent.

Piyali Sasmal Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Introducing Piyali Sasmal: Bengali TV's Rising Star

Get to know Piyali Sasmal, the up-and-coming Bengali television actress known for shows like Saanjher Baati, Trishul, and more. Learn about her background, acting career, and what makes her stand out.

Piyali Sasmal is making a name for herself in the Bengali television industry. 

At just 23 years old, she already has several hit shows under her belt and has become a recognizable face for viewers. Keep reading to learn what sets this talented actress apart.

Piyali Sasmal Background and Early Success

Her Background and Early Success

Piyali Sasmal hails from Midnapore, West Bengal originally. Before entering acting, she dabbled in modelling and even placed as a finalist in beauty pageants like Ei Samay Deepti 2018. 

One of her biggest early wins was placing second runner-up in Ponds Pujor Nandini 2019, a prestigious Bengali modelling contest. 

Her gorgeous looks and camera-friendly personality undoubtedly contributed to her rapid rise.

Landing Piyali Sasmal Big Break on Television

Landing Her Big Break on Television

In 2019, Piyali Sasmal landed her first major television role in the serial Saanjher Baati. Her portrayal of the character Priyo quickly made her a household name. 

Viewers loved her sweet on-screen presence, and she took home the Star Jalsha Parivaar Award 2021 for Priyo Jaa.

Following her breakthrough, the roles kept coming - first in Trishul in 2021, followed by Tumi Je Amar Maa and Gatchora in 2022. With each new portrayal, she flexed her acting chops further.

Why Piyali Sasmal Stands Out

Why She Stands Out?

What makes Piyali Sasmal stand out from the crowd? For one, the camera loves her. With striking features, flawless skin, and an innate sense of style, she always makes an impression. 

She also puts 100 per cent into every part - studying the role, emotionally connecting with characters, and dedicating herself completely. 

Her professional dance training equips her to take on song-and-dance requirements with grace.

Fans also can't help but love her lively, friendly personality on social media. As her 70K+ Instagram followers show, the camera captures both her outer and inner spark. 

Between her performances and her persona, she oozes star power and charisma.

Piyali Sasmal Future Looks Bright

The Future Looks Bright

At just 23, Piyali Sasmal has achieved more than some actors do in a whole career. If she continues at this pace, even bigger opportunities surely await in Bengal's booming serial scene and perhaps movies next. 

For now, fans eagerly await her upcoming projects and can't wait to see what this multitalented lady does next. 

Her meteoric rise showcases both aesthetic appeal and dedication to growth – a combination sure to open even more doors.

Piyali Sasmal FAQs


Who is Piyali Sasmal?
Piyali Sasmal is an emerging Bengali television actress known for shows like Saanjher Baati, Tumi Je Amar Maa, and others. At 23 years old, she is considered one of the up-and-coming stars of the industry.

What makes Piyali Sasmal stand out as an actress?
Piyali Sasmal stands out for several reasons - her gorgeous appearance and camera-friendly looks, her dedication to fully immerse herself in roles, her professional dance training background, and her lively personality that shines both onscreen and off.

What recognition has Piyali Sasmal received so far?
Some of Piyali Sasmal's accolades so far include placing second runner-up in Ponds Pujor Nandini 2019, winning Star Jalsha Parivaar Award 2021 for her role as Priyo Jaa in Saanjher Baati, and receiving the Prayaas Samman 2022 award.

How has Piyali Sasmal gained popularity?

Piyali Sasmal has gained popularity not only through her acting roles but also as a social media influencer with 70K+ Instagram followers. Fans are drawn to both her talent and her friendly, sparkling persona.

What does the future look like for Piyali Sasmal?
At just 23, Piyali Sasmal is only getting started. If she continues on this upward trajectory, she is sure to land even bigger opportunities in Bengali serials and perhaps movies soon. Her star is definitively on the rise.

Piyali Sasmal


In concluding the narrative of Piyali Sasmal's journey, we witness the evolution of young talent from Midnapore to the television screens of Bengal.

From her humble beginnings as a model to gracing popular TV shows like Saanjher Baati and earning accolades like the Star Jalsha Parivaar Award, Piyali Sasmal stands as a testament to versatility and determination.

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