Indu Bengali Web Series Review!

Indu is a Bengali web series. This web series was released by Hoichoi OTT Platform. This Web series deals with a social issue, which is domestic violence. 

We all know very well that domestic violence is a very big issue in our society. So, the director wants to portray this problem with making this web series.

Indu Bengali Web Series Review

Hello, Bengali web series lovers today our topic is Indu Bengali Web Series Review. Isha Saha caught the eye with her great performance, did ‘Indu’ keep the secret?

Indu, a riveting Bengali web series recently released on the popular Hoichoi OTT platform, takes on the sensitive topic of domestic violence through a gripping storyline. 

With nuanced performances and clever writing, Indu makes for an important yet entertaining watch.

Hoichoi's new Bengali series 'Indu' (Indu Bengali web series) will catch the eye of the viewers from the very beginning. 

At its core, Indu aims to highlight the harsh realities of domestic abuse, an issue that continues to plague many households. 

By weaving this social cause into an immersive narrative, director Sayantan Ghoshal compels us to confront uncomfortable truths while delivering an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

The arrival of the mysterious Indu alias Isha in a black and white frame will explain that this series is not at all like the other five series. 

Evidence of this can be found in every episode. The twist of the story in each frame.


The story of the rat will continue with a twist in each episode. And the progression of the story is very tense. 

Sayantan Ghoshal, the director of the series, has made half the bet in this manner. And except for the rest of the eyes Isha Saha and Payal De! 

Yes, the performance of these two actresses is the achievement of this web series.

Since this series is about a mystery story, it is not appropriate to tell the whole story. However, a little fire can be given. 

The director has created a mystery about the marriage of Indu from the very beginning. 

On the other hand, the director also kept various elements of mystery in the house of Indur Bar alias actor Chandraniv Mukherjee.

Payal Dey is one of them. Needless to say, Isha and Payal are the two characters who hold the tension in the series. 

Suhatra Mukherjee and Chandraniv Mukherjee looked different in terms of acting. Manali's performance in this series is also surprising.

Of all the goodies, however, some aspects of this series are quite weak. The level of dialogue is a bit higher in each episode of this series. If not, it would have worked. 

This sometimes results in loss of interest. It seems unrealistic to know the background of a child before marriage. 

So if you're looking for a binge-worthy mystery that also enlightens, Indu should be on your watchlist. Give this well-made Bengali web series a shot if you haven't yet.

In the end, Indu is still the best mystery-thriller series ever made in Hoichoi. So you can watch this web series.

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