Swastik Sanket Bengali Movie Review!

Hello, Bengali movie fans today our topic is Swastik Sanket Bengali Movie Review. Mysteries abound in history. 

The movie "Swastik Sanket" looks at history once again while solving puzzles. And because he included the audience.

Swastik Sanket Bengali Movie Review

Bengalis are a self-absorbed nation, this allegation is long overdue. However, how the attempt is being made to portray all the memorable feats of the Bengalis in the recent Bengali film with ashes in the face of such allegations is commendable. That is the basis of Sayantan Ghoshal's film 'Swastik Sanket'. 

Hitler and World War II, the undisputed chapter of Subhash Chandra Bose's visit to Germany, the horror of the deadly virus, the migration problem around the world, the empowerment of women.

And the mystery has deepened in the net woven with these different yarns. Rudrani-Priyam is mysteriously named after the lost past in the context of London.

Cryptographer Rudrani (Nusrat Jahan) travels to London to publish his book. Swami Priyam (Gaurab Chatterjee) is working there. Dr. Shumekhar (Shataf Figure) seeks Rudrani's help in deciphering some clues. 

This was followed by an outbreak of the virus in London. Rudrani-Priyam realizes that this deadly virus has been spread by resolving that signal.

Swastik Sanket

However, its antidote formula has not yet reached the wrong hands. While searching for this formula, Rudrani-Priyam finds Subhash (son of scientist Satyendranath Chatterjee) (Rudranil Ghosh in a dual role). 

They look back at the Netaji-Hitler meeting, looking for formulas in the past. The rest of the picture is about signal-solving and its final protection.

In this story, the penetration of history and science has taken place by measuring Nikti in fiction. In some places, it may seem unbelievable, but there is no shortage of excitement. 

Sometimes there is a reference to Biswas Patil's book 'Mahanayak' about Subhash Chandra, but also Nolan's Batman-movie propaganda has been used to solve the puzzle. 

However, the explanation given in the story of one unsolved murder after another in the heart of London in recent times is hard to imagine. 

And how the historical information-based dialogue has been put in the mouths of the characters is also a little different.

This picture was shot in post-Covid London. The reason for the infiltration of the virus in the story is also expected. Rudrani is the 'hero' of this story, Nusrat has played the role with confidence. 

Glory's smooth acting has eased the tension of the thriller from time to time. 

The two did not feel bad as a couple. After 'Gumnami', makeup artist Somnath Kundu brought Netaji to life on the screen once again using prosthetics. Eternal Chatterjee has established his life in it. 

Rudranil Ghosh's makeup is rather a little burdensome. Although his acting was good, the English dialogues were heard. Sharaf Figar has done a beautiful job in the short range.

Director Sayantan's journey to the big screen started with films like 'Jawker Dhan', 'Alinagarer Golokdhadha' etc. 

Saugat Basu, the screenwriter of all those films, also wrote the screenplay for 'Swastik Sanket'.

Reaching the center of the mystery while solving the signal is the strong point of this writer-director duo. Joining them in the film is Debarati Mukherjee, whose story is based on the novel 'Narak Sanket'. 

The shadow of the creator can also be seen in the character-building of Rudrani.

This film "Swastik Sanket" looks at history once again while solving puzzles. And because he included the audience.

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