Cartoon Bengali Web Series Review!

Hello, Bengali web series fans today our topic is Cartoon Bengali Web Series Review. A Bengali horror web series is "Cartoon".

Cartoon Bengali Web Series Review

Hoichoi's spine-chilling new Bengali horror web series Cartoon brings animated terror to life. 

Set for release in late September, Cartoon follows a young cartoonist who discovers his new apartment is haunted by mischievous and malevolent ghosts straight out of his sketches.

Will our protagonist unravel this paranormal mystery before the animated apparitions destroy his life and relationships? Watch the trailer to find out!

A fresh Bengali horror web series "Cartoon" is finally here! Hoichoi presents Cartoon, a spine-tingling spookfest, about a cartoonist who finds that the new apartment they have moved into is haunted by animated ghosts!

Will Aritra and his girlfriend get to the bottom of this unearthly mystery before the ghosts wreck their lives? 

Watch the full trailer of Cartoon to know more. Cartoon coming to the end of September on Hoichoi App.

The house where Cartoon was shot, like the settings of most horror films, is supposed to be haunted - something the cast and crew members refused to believe until they started filming. Then the unavoidable occurred!

Cartoon Bengali Web Series

"The lift, which is very old and rusted, has a mind of its own," a cast member explained. When the gates are closed, it automatically descends to the ground floor. The lift does not wait for you to press a button, therefore you must be quick to reach your desired floor!"

The house, which has existed since 1912, is said to have a fascinating mystery attached to it. 

There is a room in the house that has been locked up for many years after multiple guests who stayed there committed suicide.

Sourav Chakraborty, the Cartoon's Director, refused to believe the rumours and cleared the room to film a scene. A sequence of bad incidents ensued, causing their shoot schedule to be disrupted. 

They had to re-shoot every sequence shot in that room in a completely other location!

 Later, the crew discovered that whenever the chamber was unlocked, something strange or scary always happened! What a bunch of irritated ghosts!

The Cartoon is a horror-thriller starring Payel Sarkar and Mainak Banerjee about a cartoonist whose cartoons irritate the spirit in his flat, resulting in paranormal encounters. 

Cartoon features popular Bengali actors Payel Sarkar and Mainak Banerjee. Sarkar plays a cartoonist whose work inadvertently disturbs and provokes the spirits haunting his new apartment.

Strange paranormal events and encounters with ghostly entities soon begin plaguing the couple as the irritated ghosts make their presence angrily known.

Will our protagonist get to the bottom of the mystery and pacify or eliminate the supernatural forces tormenting him? Or will the ghosts win and wreak havoc on his career and relationships?

Hoichoi will soon premiere the thrilling series on their platform. Horror fans and fantasy enthusiasts alike will not want to miss this chilling Bengali web series with animated ghosts and paranormal scares.

The haunted filming location, creepy premise, and talented cast come together to create an exciting and spooky viewing experience. Cartoon brings the spirit world to life in a fresh and frightening way.

The Hoichoi Originals web series will be available to watch on the Hoichoi app and website shortly.

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