Sundarbaner Vidyasagar Bengali Web Series Review!

Hello, Bengali web series lovers today our topic is Sundarbaner Vidyasagar Bengali Web Series Review. 

The story inside the mangrove ‘Sundarbaner Vidyasagar’, how is the web series of Riddhi Sen and Ushasi Ray?

Sundarbaner Vidyasagar Bengali Web Series Review

The new Bengali web series "Sundarbaner Vidyasagar" on Hoichoi platform offers a fairy tale narrative set in the mystical Sundarbans. 

Directed by Korak Murmu and written by Orkadeep, this 6-episode show starring Riddhi Sen and Ushasi Ray provides an interesting character-driven story while touching on important social issues. 

In this review, we'll analyze the key strengths and weaknesses of the web series.

A fairy tale arranged in the context of the Sundarbans. And the prince of this fairy tale is Vidyasagar (Riddhi Sen). The one who suppresses evil and observes decency. 

This is the essence of Sundarbaner Vidyasagar, the new series of Hoichoi platform.

Director Korak Murmu has arranged the story written by Orkadeep in six episodes. Riddhi Sen has played the role of Vidyasagar alias Kinkar. The whole story goes on from Kinker's formula.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was born on 26th September. Kinker was born on the same day. The name Vidyasagar has been closely associated with its existence since then.

Kinker did not do well in the race for traditional education. Not so 'smart' in the eyes of the so-called society. Still got a job. 

Kinkar went to Kumirkhali in the Sundarbans as a government volunteer. He has to create a beautiful force for the marriage of widows there.

Sundarbaner Vidyasagar Bengali Web Series

While visiting the village, Kinkar met Parvati (Ushasi Roy). Got Kalua (Sudip Dhara), Hafiz. 

With them, Kinkar stood up against injustice. What happens next, Hoichoi must see. But before that it is necessary to say something.

The first thing I missed was the wild smell of the beautiful forest. When you hear the name Sundarbans, a little more mangrove, jungle is expected. Instead, I saw more village dramas.

Riddhi Sen has acted in accordance with the demands of the character. Ushasi Ray is a popular actress on Bengali television. She has tried her best to break that image and become Parvati.

Sudip Dhara watched the 'Mandaar' series. Here he has remained a side character. Rupanjana Mitra and Shankar Debnath starred as Khal. It was as if the smell of dried soil was found more in Shankar's performance.

The director has arranged the whole story like decorating a house of cards and it has proceeded in the same way as before. Lately, the effect of the song in the series is a bit more.

This viewer believes that even if it is not in all cases. However, the story of the widows of the Sundarbans does not seem to have been seen in movies or series like that before. The content of that aspect can be applauded.

The music effectively complements emotional beats in the narrative. And after a more slowly paced introduction, the second half gathers momentum leading to a powerful climax. The usage of songs in the later episodes works well in underscoring dramatic high points.

"Sundarbaner Vidyasagar" deserves praise for its thematic ambition, strong lead performances and a compelling climax. 

The attempt to tackle weighty social issues in an entertaining format with elements of fantasy is laudable. 

While the visuals could have captured the Sundarbans contexts more strikingly, the series represents a praiseworthy addition to the Hoichoi catalogue. 

For viewers interested in socially conscious themes within a folklore-inspired framing, it presents a worthwhile new watch.

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