Dour Bengali Web Series Review!

Are You a fan of actor Mosharraf Karim? Then "Dour" Bengali Web Series Review is helpful to You. Mosharraf Karim is impeccable in the "Dour" Bengali web series.

Dour Bengali Web Series Review

On May 2, the 9-episode thriller web series 'Dour' was released on the Indian popular OTT platform Hoichoi

The main story in the 'Dour' web series is about a car being stolen It was nice to see one thing, the manufacturer has chosen the car as the main background of the story of many web series in Bangladesh.

In these web series like Amitabh Reza's 'Dhaka Metro', and Syed Ahmed Shawki's 'Taqdir' we see how a whole web series goes through a car. 

Similarly, in the 'Dour' web series, the car of a businessman named Ruhul Amin was stolen.  After the car was stolen, his business and family became depleted day by day.

The character of Ruhul Amin is the biggest achievement of the web series 'Dour'. This character is played by Mosharraf Karim in the web series.

Actor Mosharraf Karim proved once again that he is a versatile actor by giving a great performance in the role of Ruhul Amin in the 'Dour' web series. 

Any viewer's expectation of Musharraf Karim will increase after watching his performance in the 'Dour' web series.

Everything from the dialogue delivery to the way the dialogue is told, or the tone of the situation, is perfect.

Dour Bengali Web Series

After watching the web series, you will say "One Man Army is Mosharraf Karim". Even if only to watch the performance of Mosharraf Karim. We would recommend you to watch the web series.

For the first time in 'Dour', his wife Robena Reza Juhi has acted opposite Musharraf Karim in a web series. It can be said that she has given the best in his character. 

Perfectly blended in with the character. Losing a child, She has portrayed it on the screen in such a skillful way which is certainly admirable.

Each episode of the 3 hours 27-minute web series is 17 to 32 minutes long. I don't think two episodes would have been less bad. The momentum of the story has diminished a bit at times. 

So it seems that the producer could have reduced the episode to capture the tension and momentum of the story.

After watching the two-minute, eighteen-second trailer of the 'Dour' Bengali web series, the level of interest in the work doubled only after watching Twist. The web series is no exception, with some exceptions.

'Dour' at the beginning of the web series was great. From the very first episode of the web series, the mercury of excitement began to rise. Who says tension?

But as time goes on, the tension and mercury gradually decrease In that place the builder can be called unsuccessful. 

The director couldn't keep up with the pace from the trailer to the four episodes. At one point it seems to be being forced. Some sequences were unnecessary.

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