Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie Review!

Are You a fan of actor Soham Chakraborty? Then "Kolkatar Harry" Bengali Movie Review is helpful to You. 

Just Soham Chakraborty's magic across the movie, is the audience like 'Kolkatar Harry'?

Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie Review

One day there will be great magic. And everything will change. Just as the mind wants, all around will be exactly as it should be. But when? We are surviving with hope.

Be it the rich, the middle class, or the poor man who works twenty-four hours a day to earn a living. He also wants such magic in his life. 

He also dreams that all sorrows will be removed and his life will flow on the raft of happiness. But is that always possible?

Director Rajdeep Ghosh captures this philosophy in his film 'Kolkatar Harry'. And while telling this magic and dream story, issues like child mind, school, and child trafficking have come into one after another. There is also talk of helplessness.

Let's touch on the story of the movie "Kolkatar Harry". A school bus is run by Hari alias Soham Chakraborty, whom the children call Captain. 

Harry, a fan of Harry Potter. Shows great magic. Tells the story of being magical in life. How to stay good in any situation.

It is in this magic of Harry Potter, that Harry wins Mohar Sen alias Priyanka Sarkar's heart. 

However, this magic cannot change Hari's situation. This is exactly how the story goes about the crisis and its solution.

Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie

However, the director tells another story inside the story. Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee is the main protagonist of that story! Which is the real twist of the movie "Kolkatar Harry".

That's the story. But how about ‘Kolkatar Harry’?

Director Rajdeep has chosen a great subject as a story. However, he made a fuss while telling this story. 

Because, to show life and magic in one frame, he arranged multiple problems and issues one after the other. The screenplay should have been a little more careful.

Soham Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar have tried hard enough in terms of acting. In this case, Soham Chakraborty will get a little higher number. Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee's screen time is not very long. However, he is quite good in the film.

The child artists also performed well enough. It will be good to see Laboni Sarkar on the screen after a long time. The main problem with this film is the screenplay.

Without showing multiple things, this movie could easily become the only password to being happy. And right here ‘Kolkatar Harry’ became weak. 

The work of VFX is quite weak. Good VFX was very much needed in the film that was created in the context of fairy tales.

In the end, the movie 'Kolkatar Harry' had the potential to become a good film. However, due to the loose screenplay, 'Kolkatar Harry' film became of medium quality.

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