Roosha Chatterjee's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Learn all about rising Bengali actress Roosha Chatterjee, including details on her background, early roles, standout performances, and all that sets her apart as she gains mainstream popularity.

Roosha Chatterjee is a rising Indian Bengali actress and model making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. 

Although still young in her career, Roosha Chatterjee has already shown immense talent and versatility as a performer. 

Read on to learn more about this promising star's background and what she brings to the table.

Roosha Chatterjee's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Hello Friends! Today We Will Talk About Roosha Chatterjee's Biography, Her Wikipedia Page, Her Age and Date of Birth, Her Marital Status, and More.

Roosha Chatterjee is an Indian Bengali actress and model. She mainly acted in Bengali serials. Her TV serial Toma Amay Mile became very popular and she also popular for Ushoshi.

Roosha Chatterjee's Biography

We are going to talk about Tv Serial Actress and  Model Roosha Chatterjee from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Roosha Chatterjee's Age is 28 years. 

Roosha Chatterjee

Her Father's Name was Mrinal Chatterjee and her Mother's Name was Supriya Chatterjee. Roosha Chatterjee's Net Income is 75 lakh Indian Rupees.

Roosha Chatterjee Birth Place Was Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Roosha Chatterjee Nick's Name is Roosha or Ushoshi. Her hair colour is black and her eye colour is brown.

Roosha Chatterjee's Early Life

Born on January 23, 1994 in Kolkata, West Bengal, Roosha Chatterjee was artistically inclined from a young age. The daughter of Mrinal and Supriya Chatterjee, she has one brother. 

As a child, Roosha Chatterjee loved to dance and play sports. She later graduated from Sikkim Manipal University before embarking on her acting career. 

Even from her school days, friends could see her creative flair and passion for performing arts.

Roosha Chatterjee 01

Roosha Chatterjee was born on 23 January 1994 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has one brother.

She is love to dance and sports since his school days. She is a graduate of Sikkim Manipal University.

Roosha Chatterjee's Professional Life

Roosha Chatterjee started her acting career in 2009 by acting in the role of Labonyo in Star Jalsa's TV serial Ogo Badhu Sundari.

After in 2013, Star Jalsar acted in Toma Amay Mile TV serial. In 2017, She acted in Kusum Dola

Roosha Chatterjee 02

In 2017, she starred in Zee Bangla's romantic movie Joy Maa Durga. She played the role of Parul in Zee Bangla's Saat Bhai Champa TV serial.

She also acted in the web series Japani Toy on Hoichoi web platform. Finally, Roosha Chatterjee got an offer to act in the upcoming Hindi serial Tere Liye on an Indian national TV channel.

 Roosha Chatterjee 03

Her Initial Work and Breakthrough Role

Roosha Chatterjee kicked off her acting career in 2009 with a role in the Bengali TV serial "Ogo Badhu Sundori."

Her real breakthrough came in 2013 when she landed a starring role in the popular show “Toma Amay Mile” on Star Jalsa. 

Roosha Chatterjee quickly won over fans with her portrayal and became one of the top up and coming young talents in Tollywood.

Roosha Chatterjee 04

Continuing a Steady Rise

After finding success on television, Roosha Chatterjee began taking on more challenging film and web roles. 

Some highlights include playing Parul in the serial "Saat Bhai Champa," starring in the 2017 romantic movie “Joy Maa Durga,” and featuring in the Hoichoi original series "Japani Toy."

She also guest starred on several other shows. Most recently, she has been tapped for a role in an unnamed new Hindi series set to air on national Indian television.

Roosha Chatterjee 05

Her Distinctive Strengths as a Performer

Part of what makes Roosha Chatterjee stand out are her girl-next-door good looks, expressive eyes, dedication to every role, and willingness to try new genres. 

Though foremost an actress, her dancing prowess allows her to excel in dance numbers and movement-driven performances as well. 

As she continues to snag bigger opportunities, expect her to showcase her full range.

Roosha Chatterjee 06

The Future Looks Bright

Already accomplished at just 28 years of age, Roosha Chatterjee possesses all the attributes of an actress destined for greater fame, film roles, and possibly awards. 

Audiences eagerly anticipate her next star turn. For now, she remains focused on delivering for her loyal fans and continuing to level up as a performer. 

There is no doubt Roosha Chatterjee has all the skills to become a leading heroine recognizable across India and hopefully internationally too. 

We can’t wait to see all she has in store throughout the coming decade!

Roosha Chatterjee 07

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) Who is Roosha Chatterjee?
Ans: Roosha Chatterjee is an Actress.

(2) What is the age of Roosha Chatterjee?
Ans: 28 Years.

(3) Who is Roosha Chatterjee's Husband?
Ans: She is Unmarred.

(4) What is the Hight of Roosha Chatterjee?
Ans: 5 feet 5 inches.

(5) What is the Weight of Roosha Chatterjee?
Ans: 55 Kilo Gram.

(6) What are some of Roosha Chatterjee's most popular roles?
Ans: Some of Roosha Chatterjee's well-known roles include lead parts in the shows Toma Amay Mile and Saat Bhai Champa. She has also starred in films like Joy Maa Durga.

(7) Is Roosha Chatterjee married or single?
Ans: As of 2023, Roosha Chatterjee remains unmarried and focused on advancing her acting career.

(8) What’s next for Roosha Chatterjee?
Ans: Roosha Chatterjeea has a role in an upcoming new Hindi television series. Her rising fame also positions her well for bigger opportunities down the line.

Rusha Chatterjee 08

Roosha Chatterjee’s journey so far demonstrates how her raw talent and persistence are already paying dividends in the form of increased name recognition and meatier acting opportunities. 

As she continues mastering her craft, the best may be yet to come. 

With the drive to keep learning, the support of loyal fans, and a bit of luck, there seem to be no limits to how far this promising young actress can ascend in the Indian entertainment world. 

She has all the makings of a star with true staying power.

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