Savings Account Bengali Movie Review!

Friends, Today We Will Be Reviewing the Bengali Film Savings Account. Savings Account Bengali movie is a now available on Zee 5 App.

Read our review of the Bengali movie Savings Account. Find out the plot, cast, what works, and what doesn't in this Ankush Hazra and Sayantika Banerjee starrer now streaming on Zee5.

Savings Account Bengali Movie Review

This film is starring Ankush Hazra, Sayantika Banerjee, Oeandrila Banerjee and Paean Sarkar. Also directed by Raja Chanda.

Watch Bengali cinema and support Bengali cinema. I sat down to watch the Bengali movie Savings Account with that good intention, but the rest is history.

What did you like about this movie?

First of all, I like Ankush Hazra's look very much, the light moustache and beard are very nice on the face. 

That's it. Politics is forbidden here, but now the Bengali film industry, especially cinema and serials, is difficult to say without politics.

Because politics and cinema are closely related in West Bengal. In the whole film, our actress and politician Sayantika Banerjee could not decide what to do, acting is so far.

The commander arrived there after a bank robbery. Then in the end a good teacher was the radicalized cause of religion. Later everyone found out that he was not a radical. He was a good teacher.

But even then there was no word, no message, no call to receive any instructions, from where a commander came and shot him. What is meant by these can be understood?

Savings Account Bengali Movie

Ankush Hazra is occupying the bank and calling from inside the bank, the police are sitting outside with a computer looking for his location, are these acceptable?

The director who made this film does not know about this. Ankush Hazra is calling from the bank. Why should know his location again?

Ankush Hazra repeatedly said that he wanted to open a savings account. But we did not understand why? This film is decorated with so many wrong things.

But it could have been a good film if the story had been served properly. But the director has completely messed up. I wasted my time and support Bengali cinema. But when will Bengali cinema stand?

Savings Account movie is on Zee 5 app. The sad thing is that Bengali films and web series produce mega serial grade content. There Bangladeshi web series are creating masterpiece content.

Just think that Bangladesh was born in 1971. About 34 years after India. How can they create such content? Just think about it.

After watching it I scolded myself for wasting two hours. Very poor execution. The Zee 5 originals are mostly disliked. I have seen many content.

Overall, Savings Account turns out to be a disappointing affair. The poor direction and writing ruin what could have been an interesting plot. 

Lackluster performances add to the woes. The movie fails to impress except for a few decent production values.

Savings Account reflects the sad state of Bengali cinema. In contrast, Bangladeshi web series are creating more contemporary and appealing content even with fewer resources. The Bengali film industry needs to reinvent itself.

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