Mahiya Mahi's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband & More!

Friends, today we will talk about Mahiya Mahi's Biography, her Wikipedia page, her Age and Date of Birth, her Husband, and more.

Mahiya Mahi's Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Mahiya Mahi is one of the most popular actresses in Bangladesh. With her stunning looks and excellent acting skills, she has made a name for herself in the competitive Dhallywood film industry.

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Mahiya Mahi's Biography

Mahiya Mahi is a popular Bangladeshi actress and one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bangladesh film industry. 

She started her acting career in 2012 with the film Bhalobasar Rong and within a short time made her place in the Bangladesh film industry.

She not only in Bangladeshi cinema but also worked in Indian cinema in joint productions between India and Bangladesh. 

In this article, we have shared all the facts about Mahiya Mahi's life and some interesting facts about her life. 

She's the darling of the big screen - the actress who can make you laugh and cry with equal ease.

Mahiya Mahi Biography

Bold yet vulnerable, fiery yet soft - Mahiya Mahi has won millions of hearts with her magnetic screen presence.

Coming from Rajshahi, this small town girl always dreamt big. She catapulted to fame with her very first film and soon became the nation's sweetheart. 

Hit after hit cemented her position as one of Dhallywood's top actresses.

Be it action, drama or romance - Mahiya Mahi excels in every genre. She has even spread her wings beyond Bangladesh, charming audiences in cross-border productions.

Critics applaud her risk-taking ability and emotional depth as a performer. Fans love her glamorous style and bubbly persona. But behind the stardom lies a down-to-earth girl who values her roots.

Awards and accolades have come pouring in, yet success hasn't gone to her head. Mahiya Mahi remains committed to pushing the boundaries of her craft.

With those expressive eyes and infectious smile, this leading lady has many more decades of magic to unveil on screen. Her luminous talent shines bright, illuminating Bangla cinema.

Mahiya Mahi Birth & Family

Mahiya Mahi was born on 27 October 1993 in a Muslim family in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. 

After Mahia Sharmin Akhtar was born as Nipa, the name Mahiya Mahi became popular later in the film industry. Her father is Abu Bakr Khokon and her mother is Dilara Yasmin Sabi.

Born in Rajshahi as Mahia Sharmin Akhter Nipa, this starlet was destined to shine. Her father Abu Bakr Khokon and mother Dilara Yasmin Sabi nurtured her creativity.

Mahiya Mahi grew up in a close-knit, middle class family. Her protective elder brother and cheerful younger sister were her first friends and critics.

At home, Mahiya Mahi loved dressing up and putting on performances for her parents. Little did she know these were baby steps towards superstardom.

Her family recognized her lively spirit and passion for acting. Their unwavering support gave Mahiya Mahi the courage to pursue her Bollywood dreams.

Their little girl from Rajshahi would go on to become Bangladesh's beloved heroine. But no matter how famous she gets, for her parents and siblings she will always be their Mahiya Mahi - their pride and joy.

Mahiya Mahi Education

She completed her primary education at Uttara High School in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. After completing her primary education, she passed HSC from Dhaka City College, Dhaka with very good results.

Then She graduated from a private university Shanta-Mariam University of Creative Technology with a degree in Fashion Designing.

Mahiya Mahi's education laid the foundations for her successful career. In her school days at Uttara High School in Dhaka, she excelled academically while participating in cultural activities.

After acing her high school exams, Mahiya Mahi attended Dhaka City College for higher secondary education. Her excellent results reflected her sharp intellect and diligence.

Beyond academics, Mahiya Mahi's college days allowed her to dip her toes in acting and modeling. She was a star student balanced with extracurricular interests.

Later, Mahiya Mahi earned her bachelor's degree in Fashion Designing from Shanta-Mariam University of Creative Technology. 

Her education equipped her with both intellectual aptitude and creative flair.

From school plays to college fashion shows to blockbuster movies, Mahiya Mahi's educational journey groomed her for stardom. She proudily holds up her degrees alongside her trophies.

Mahiya Mahi Physical Structure

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Her weight is 55 Kilo Gram. Mahiya Mahi's figure is 32-28-32 inches. Also, her eye colour is brown and her hair colour is black

With her sharp features and svelte frame, Mahiya Mahi turns heads wherever she goes. Standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches, she has a slender yet toned physique.

Weighing 55 kgs, the actress maintains her figure through yoga, dance and a balanced diet. Her vitals measure an enviable 32-28-32 inches.

Mahiya Mahi's expressive brown eyes and long dark hair beautifully complement her radiant smile. She oozes glamour and grace in every appearance.

On screen, her movement is agile yet graceful. She performs her own stunts with ease. Her fitness empowers the versatile roles she undertakes.

With her striking looks and vigorous workouts, Mahiya Mahi has become a youth icon. Her lively spirit and energetic persona shine through her dazzling physicality.

Mahiya Mahi's Personal Life, Boyfriend & Marriage

Mahiya Mahi has been involved in many relationships. She had a romantic relationship with actor Symon Sadik.

In May 2016, she married a businessman Mahmud Parvez Opu from Sylhet. After 5 years of marriage, their marriage got divorced in 2021 due to some reasons.

On 13 September 2021, she got married for the second time to Rakib Sarkar, a businessman and politician from Gazipur.

Mahiya Mahi's love life has always drawn media spotlight. She once dated actor Symon Sadik but they eventually parted ways.

In 2016, Mahiya Mahi married businessman Mahmud Parvez Opu although the marriage ended in divorce in 2021.

After this heartbreak, Mahiya Mahi found love again with politician Rakib Sarkar whom she married in September 2021.

Despite her romantic ups and downs, Mahiya Mahi has maintained grace and dignity. She focuses on her work while keeping her personal life private.

Mahiya Mahi credits her family and friends for their constant support through all her relationships. Their unconditional love gives her strength.

While fame puts her relationships under scrutiny, Mahiya Mahi remains grounded in her values. She continues to follow her heart on her own terms.

Mahiya Mahi Career

In 2012, Mahiya Mahi made her acting debut with the film Bhalobasar Rong. This film was very successful at the box office.

In 2013, she had 4 films released, one of which was the most successful film, Bhalobasha Aaj Kal, where she acted for the first time opposite one of the superstars of Bangladesh, Shakib Khan.

As this film became a success at the box office, the pair of her and Shakib Khan was loved by the audience. Her performance in the film wins people's hearts.

In 2014, she acted in the film Agni opposite Arifin Shuvoo. This female-centric action thriller was a box office success and she also won the Best Actress award for her performance.

In 2015, she starred in the India and Bangladesh co-production Romeo vs Juliet opposite popular Indian-Bengali actor Ankush Hazra

Mahiya Mahi Career

This year she acted in another Indian and Bangladesh co-production Agni 2 opposite another popular Indian-Bengali film actor Om Sahani.

In 2017, She acted in the film Dhaka Attack in which Arifin Shuvoo, ABM Sumon and Taskeen Rahman played the lead roles.

This film was a box office success. This film is winning the Best Film Award at the 42nd National Film Awards of Bangladesh.

In 2018, she once again starred in India and Bangladesh co-production Tumi Sudhu Amar. Alongside two popular Indian Bengali film actors Soham Chakraborty and Om Sahani.

She also acted in many Bangladeshi cinemas. Along with films, she has also acted in many short films and web series. Below are the names of all her films.

Mahiya Mahi Cinema List:

  • Agnee (2014).
  • Romeo vs Juliet (2015).
  • Agnee 2 (2015).
  • Poramon (2013).
  • Nabab LLB (2020).
  • Bhalobasar Rong (2012).
  • Dhaka Attack (2017).
  • Jannat (2018).
  • Onek Sadher Moyna (2014).
  • Tumi Sudhu Amar (2018).
  • Tobuo Bhalobashi (2013).
  • Bhalobasha Aaj Kal (2013).
  • Ki Darun Dekhte (2014).
  • Warning (2015).
  • Big Brother (2015).
  • Onek Dame Kena.
  • Desha: The Leader (2014).
  • Dobir Saheber Songsar (2014).
  • Krishnopokkho (2016).
  • Onnorokom Bhalobasha (2013).
  • Oxygen (2020).

Mahiya Mahi New & Upcoming Film

  • Live: The ugly truth.
  • Ashirbad.
  • Bubujaan.
  • Anondo Osru.
  • Nokkhotrer Raat.
  • Abotar.
  • Norosundori.

Mahiya Mahi Web Series List

  • Morichika (2021).
  • Driver (2022).

Mahiya Mahi Awards

  • In the year 2013, She got Bangladesh Film Journalists Association Award for Best Actress for Bhalobasha Aaj Kal.
  • In the year 2014, She got Meril-Prothom Alo Award for Best Actress for Agni.
  • In the year 2014, She got the Iconic Fashion Award for Best Actress.

Mahiya Mahi Controversy

After her marriage, her friend Shahriar Islam Sawon uploaded some private photos of Mahiya Mahi on Facebook. And he claimed that he married Mahiya Mahi in 2015. 

But Mahiya Mahi denied this claim. She filed a case against Shahriar Islam Sawon under the ICT Act for uploading her personal photo on Facebook.

Mahiya Mahi Controversy

In 2015, Mahiya Mahi's friend Shahriar Islam Sawon posted some of her private photos online and falsely claimed to be married to her.

Mahiya Mahi strongly denied his claims and took legal action against Sawon for uploading her photos without consent. She filed a case against him under the ICT Act.

The incident sparked a major controversy as Mahiya Mahi's reputation and privacy came under attack. She handled the storm with grace, speaking her truth boldly.

Despite the trauma, Mahiya Mahi maintained poise and asserted her dignity. She refused to be shamed or silenced by the controversy.

The intense media glare was testing but Mahiya Mahi stayed resilient. Her courage through this crisis only deepened the public's respect.

With integrity and grit, she emerged from the scandal stronger, determined to take charge of her narrative. This defining moment revealed Mahiya Mahi's true mettle.

Mahiya Mahi Likes & Hobbies

Her favourite food is french fries and mushrooms. She likes pink and red colours. Mahiya Mahi's hobby is travelling. Her favourite place is in Mexico.

Mahiya Mahi finds joy in savoring french fries and mushrooms, adores the vibrant hues of pink and red, satisfies her wanderlust through travel, with Mexico holding a special place in her heart.

Mahiya Mahi's culinary choices reflect her love for comfort and simplicity. 

French fries and mushrooms stand out as her preferred gastronomic delights, adding a touch of relatability to her glamorous persona.

In the vibrant palette of Mahiya Mahi's life, pink and red take center stage. 

These colors resonate with her, adding vibrancy and charm to her personal style. Explore the visual spectrum that captures her aesthetic sense.

Mahiya Mahi finds solace and excitement in exploring new horizons. 

With a penchant for travel, her journeys become a source of inspiration and rejuvenation. Discover the destinations that hold a special place in her heart.

Among the myriad destinations, Mexico holds a special allure for Mahiya Mahi

Whether it's the rich culture, scenic landscapes, or the warmth of its people, Mexico has become a cherished retreat for this multifaceted actress.

Few Facts About Mahiya Mahi

  • She was a brilliant student since childhood.
  • As a child, she wanted to be a doctor.
  • All the media of Bangladesh reported her as a new sensation.
  • The Daily Ittefaq and Asian TV program Movie Bazaar named her the Best Actress of 2013.
  • In April 2014, she became the brand ambassador of Unilever's beauty brand Fair & Lovely.

Some FAQs About Mahiya Mahi

Question: Who is Mahiya Mahi?
Answer: A popular Bangladeshi actress.

Q: When was Mahiya Mahi born?
Answer: 27 October 1993.

Question: What is the name of Mahiya Mahi's first movie?
Answer: Bhalobasar Rong (2012).

Question: How old is Mahiya Mahi?
Answer: 28 years (as of 01-01-2022)

Question: Is Mahiya Mahi married?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the name of Mahiya Mahi's husband?
Answer: Mahmood Pervez Opu (2016-2021) and Rakib Sarkar (2021-Present).

Question: What is Mahiya Mahi's real name?
Answer: Mahia Sharmin Akhter Nipa.

This article Bongo Banjo shares the Biography, Wikipedia, and Life Story of Film Actress Mahiya Mahi who is a popular Bengali actress from Bangladesh

Mahiya Mahi Photo

Mahiya Mahi has come a long way from her debut to now being one of the biggest stars in Bangladeshi cinema. 

With her strong on-screen presence, glamorous style and dedication to her craft, we can expect many more amazing performances from her in the future.

Mahiya Mahi is a very good actress. I watch many films. Especially Romeo vs Juliet is my favourite film from her. 

Mahiya Mahi looks beautiful in this film. This film's popular song is also "Mahiya Mahiya".

In conclusion, Mahiya Mahi's journey is a testament to her resilience, talent, and versatility. 

This biography encapsulates the essence of her life, inviting readers into the world of a remarkable actress who continues to shine in the spotlight.

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