Tangra Blues Bengali Movie Review!

"Tangra Blues" is a Bengali movie directed by Supriyo Sen, starring Parambrata Chatterjee in the lead role. 

Tangra Blues Bengali Movie Review

The film is set in Kolkata's Tangra neighbourhood, known for its Chinese community, and revolves around a young man's journey to find his father's stolen guitar.


The film opens with a brief introduction of the protagonist, Joy (played by Parambrata Chatterjee), who is a young and talented musician. 

Joy's father, who was also a musician, had left his guitar to Joy as a legacy. One day, while Joy is away from home, his house is burgled, and the guitar is stolen. 

Joy becomes devastated upon hearing this news and sets out on a journey to retrieve his father's guitar.

As Joy navigates through the bylanes of Tangra, he meets different characters, each with their own unique stories. 

He comes across a retired cop, a Chinese lady, and a young boy who helps him in his search. As the film progresses, Joy begins to understand the value of relationships and learns important life lessons.


Parambrata Chatterjee delivers a solid performance as Joy. He portrays the character's emotions convincingly and effortlessly and carries the film on his shoulders. 

The supporting cast, including Madhumita Sarcar, Rupanjana Mitra, and Samiul Alam, also perform their parts well, adding depth to the narrative.

Direction and Cinematography

Supriyo Sen's direction is commendable. He does an excellent job of showcasing the vibrant streets of Tangra, capturing the essence of the neighbourhood beautifully.

Tangra Blues Bengali Movie

The film's cinematography by Soumik Haldar is equally impressive, with the camera work adding to the movie's overall aesthetic appeal.


The music of "Tangra Blues" is a highlight of the film. The soundtrack composed by Neel Adhikari and Joy Sarkar is melodious, and the songs are well-placed in the narrative. 

The music serves as an excellent accompaniment to the story, and the songs stay with the audience long after the film is over.


In conclusion, "Tangra Blues" is a well-made film that highlights the power of relationships and the importance of pursuing one's passions. 

The film's performances, direction, cinematography, and music make it an enjoyable watch. We recommend this movie to anyone looking for an engaging and heartwarming cinematic experience.

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