Rawkto Bilaap Bengali Web Series Review!

Hello, Bengali web series fans today our topic is Rawkto Bilaap Bengali Web Series Review. How did Sohini-Saptarshi-Tuhina act in the mysterious web series 'Rawkto Bilaap'?

Rawkto Bilaap Bengali Web Series Review

The new 'Horror Psychological Thriller' is divided into five episodes 'Rawkto Bilaap'. The web series has been released on the Hoichoi OTT platform. As much as the trailer is creepy, so is the web series. 

If you like the miracle-mystery series, you can watch this series. While Making is not extraordinary, it is nice to see the performances of a few actors in a popular story.

The series begins with the central character Maya's childhood. Then there is the time of his college-graduate, post-retirement life. 

A dark past lays the foundation for the story, as the story goes. At the same time, to see how the fragile relationship of the present time affects the mind of every person.

There is no such thing as constant truth in life. Some people adapt to the changed situation, some people want to hold on to the old love without forgetting the past. 

And when there is a whirlwind of relationships, the wounds and bloodshed of betrayal in the lives of a few friends.

How's the story of 'Rawkto Bilaap'? Maya (Sohini Sarkar) calls some old friends to her house. Occasional Raktim-Sanjana (Saptarshi Moulik and Tuhina Das) Bachelors Party. 

With a few more friends, such as - Gaurab (Gaurab Roy Chowdhury), Neha (Moksha Sengupta), Avi (Prantik Bandyopadhyay), Sunny (Shaon Chakraborty).

Rawkto Bilaap Bengali Web Series

Thus the atmosphere of reunion is created. Maya lives with her mother (Chandreyi Ghosh) in this house away from the city. 

My mother is very sick, so Maya suffers from anxiety all the time. Friends do not know much about his father (Sudip Mukherjee).

However, it is understood that the soft-hearted Maya takes great care of her mother. They have Rafiq Kaka (Kanchan Mallick) as their all-time caretaker.

As the night progressed, the party was jammed with food and drink. New love, old broken relationships all come to the fore little by little. 

It also raises the issue of money laundering among friends. Maya repeatedly forbids everyone to shout, if the mother is upset. In the midst of this, strange things happen.

Suddenly the song started playing. The friends started arguing among themselves. One of them died suddenly. How one friend died, another died before he could get to the edge. 

The rest began to get scared. Visitors will see about four or five deaths in a row. Maya, Raktim, Sanjana, Mia, Avid's past will come up from time to time. Where love-love-faith-disbelief has left a lasting impression.

How are people dying? Who is killing? All this is happening because of the presence of an incorporeal soul? Is Maya's house haunted? This is how the series reaches climax. 

The story arrives with paranormal investigator Anirban (Indrashis Roy). The last episode is very important to see how he cracks the mystery.

The best performance of the web series "Rawkto Bilaap" directed by Arnit Chhetri and Manideep Saha is the performance of Sohini Sarkar

Kanchan Mullick is very reliable in the short-range. Indrashish Roy is fine as far as you are concerned.

Chandreyi Ghosh and Sudip Mukherjee had nothing more to do. Matching the mood of Amit-Ishan's music series. 

I want to see more of his work. Olivia, Prantik has done well in their character. Tuhina Das caught the eye with her fluent acting.

It is better not to judge this web series with great logic. If you like the horror-thriller web series, you can watch 'Rawkto Bilaap' once.

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