Dharmajuddha Bengali Film Review!

Acting in the dramatic story is the best achievement of the film Dharmajuddha. How Is Raj Chakraborty's Bengali Film Dharmajuddha?

Dharmajuddha Bengali Film Review

Dharmajuddha, a Bengali film by director Raj Chakraborty, focuses on communal riots and the need for communal harmony. This review analyses the film's story, acting performances, and overall message.

For the last two or three films, director Raj Chakraborty has been focusing on recent events and issues. 

Focusing more on reality. He carefully avoids popular spices and formulas and brings today's problems into his screenplays.

Although this new introduction of Raj Chakraborty may not give him the same popularity as before, he is still standing in his place. It's great to think about.

Dharmajuddha is Raj Chakraborty's new Bengali movie. From the title, the viewer can understand that the subject of the film is communal riots. 

And that communal riots will be accompanied by communal harmony is almost self-evident.


The screenplay by Raj Chakraborty and Padmanabha Dasgupta is confined to a night riot. Yes, Subhasree Ganguly and Parno Mittra's love affair is brought out with music in the flashback.

Here comes the long backstory of Ritwick Chakraborty's becoming almost a radical Hinduism.

No riots, love, tolerance, and living in harmony without harming religion should be the ideal. At the end of the film, Raj Chakraborty teaches this lesson.

The end of the film is a bit more dramatic and imposing! The old woman's dialogue about communal factions and harmony seems to be very organized!

In fact, concerning Raj Chakraborty, to make the speech sincere and acceptable to the audience, there is a lack of possession of the cinematic language; certainly, there is no lack of sincerity! This is the great achievement of this film.

Top Cast of Dharmajuddha

If these minor flaws could be avoided, and Dharmajuddha had an important film in its recent background, the movie would have been much better.

But Raj Chakraborty has mastered the language of cinema; it needs a little thought about its smooth use in the right screenplay.

Now let's talk about acting. The late Swatilekha Sengupta will certainly be remembered for her performance as the central character of the film, the Muslim old woman. 

Did she deliver the message-like dialogues effortlessly?

Subhasree Ganguly should have got a little more space in his screenplay, she will get letter marks for what she got. Parno Mittra, however, has at times strained to meet the script's demands.

Both Soham Chakraborty and Ritwick Chakraborty will catch the eye of the audience with their turn.

Thanks to Raj Chakraborty, he went beyond what is current in the market and thought something different is the biggest credit.

Steering clear of commercial formulas, Raj Chakraborty has created a film with a brave sociopolitical focus. 

Minor directorial flaws aside, Dharmajuddha emerges as that rare film upholding a vital message over market expectations. 

It conveys the timely need for interfaith understanding amidst religious polarization. With hard-hitting storytelling and standout acting, this film will spark soul-searching conversations on communal harmony.

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