Projapati Bengali Film Review!

Friends, We'll be reviewing the Bengali film Projapati today. After 46 years, the magic of the Mithun Chakraborty and Mamata Shankar duo remains. Dev's heart-touching film is Projapati.

Projapati Bengali Film Review

In the film "Tonic," director Abhijit Sen proved that he is good at feeding the audience's mind. He's done an excellent job of combining digestible food with the spice of laughter and bouncy dialogue.

He has dedicated this new film to the memory of the late Tarun Majumdar. Projapati is undoubtedly a clean commercial film in its structure, layout, and narration.

Father and unmarried son's feelings of love and pride. You will not feel bad after seeing such a pure and clean film. This is guaranteed by Projapati!

When people reach an age where they suffer from loneliness, they need a loving hand and heart. Gaur Chakraborty (Mithun Chakraborty), an old and lively man in the film, is like that.

His son, Joy (Dev), who is successful in business, cannot understand the emptiness of his father's heart at first. 

Projapati Bengali Film

Even, the young employee of his own business, Mala (Sweta Bhattacharya), was able to see the hidden feelings! could not!

After 46 years, Gaur Chakraborty suddenly met his student girlfriend Kusum (Mamata Shankar) but realised that both of them lacked a true "friend."

Although Kusum doesn't respond at first, unable to stay silent any longer at Gaur's call of loneliness, she gives a silent nod. 

But the relatives and society became a social barrier in the meeting of the two elders of these "seventy-four and a half" years.

What happens then? The screenplay of the film is unrealistic but creates light laughter and atmosphere, and it serves the audience a plate of food spread with "Kurna, Maya, Mamata,"  which the majority of the audience cannot easily ignore.

This film about a middle-class family with a father who has lost his wife and a son who has lost his mother exemplifies the great quality of his screenplay. Along with that, many dialogues have been used for Mithun Chakraborty!

Dance teacher Kusum's family is also thoughtfully drawn. His expatriate maid (Kaushani) and Joy's coworker Mala characters are far from romantic; they are very restrained.

Even the idea of Gaur and Kusum coming closer almost silently has been brought up by the director in a very restrained manner. The best moment of the film is when Mithun Chakraborty and Mamata Shankar decide they will never "contact" again!

In the silent sacrifice of the couple's imperfect love, that final moment of restraint becomes beautiful. However, the film ends "sweetly"—you must see it once to understand how.

The attractions of that visit were Mithun Chakraborty himself, Mamata Shankar, and Dev. You will surely like their joint performance. After 46 years in front of the camera, the Mithun Chakraborty and Mamata Shankar duo have created a truly magical atmosphere.

Apart from Atanu Roy Chowdhury, actor Dev, one of the producers of the film, is also explaining the change in his acting style in recent films one after another!

Projapati Bengali Movie

No, he is not an action hero anymore and probably doesn't want to be. His performance perfectly captures the paternalism of a typical middle-class adolescent.

He is not a hero, he is trying to become a character. It was clear that he was more enthusiastic with Mithun Chakraborty by his side. Both of them performed equally well.

Yes, their co-stars must also be applauded. Sweta Bhattacharya, as Mala, Kharaj Mukherjee, son-in-law Ambarish Bhattacharya, and daughter Koneenica Banerjee, in particular.

Kaushani had less opportunity in the screenplay, in comparison. Anupam Roy's singing "Kotota Raag Dekhale Ragi, Sotti Mitthey Ami Bujhi Naki, Kotota Hasle Tumi Happy" takes the situation to another level.

Projapati will undoubtedly end the year well for Bengali movie lovers. Special thanks to actor Dev as well as Mithun Chakraborty. He is fantastic.

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