Sampurna Bengali Web Series Review!

Sohini Sarkar and Laboni Sarkar's performances are the best! How beautiful is the new Bengali web series 'Sampurna'? 

The new Bengali web series ‘Sampurna’ marks director Sayantan Ghosal’s latest exploration of family drama and mystery. 

While the show may tread familiar ground, standout performances from Sohini Sarkar and Laboni Sarkar shine through, making ‘Sampurna’ worth a watch for their acting alone.

Sampurna Bengali Web Series Review

A family crisis. And the mystery. These three elements are director Sayantan Ghosal's favourite subjects. That's why Sayantan Ghosal made a web series on the OTT platform on similar topics.

The 'Indu' web series was released a few days ago. And now the "Sampurna" web series. The pattern of both web series is almost the same. 

The only difference is that in the 'Sampurna' web series, Sayantan Ghosal raised social issues like marital rape.

There is no innovation in the story of the 'Sampurna' web series. Even telling the story, Sayantan Ghosal did not break the pattern that way.

So, after the first two episodes, it becomes clear in which direction the story of the "Sampruna" web series is going. So this whole web series is very predictable.

Sayantan Ghosal has divided the story of "Sampurna" into six episodes. The director has spent the first two episodes capturing the background.

Sampurna Bengali Web Series

The real story starts with number three. From that point of view, the ''Sampurna'' web series cannot give any new surprises. 

Instead, most of it was seen in the trailer. So there was no such thing as suspense in the ''Sampurna'' Bengali web series.

In the "Sampurna" web series, actress Rajnandini Paul is Sohini Sarkar's younger sister-in-law.  

Anubhav Kanjilal played the role of Rajnandini Paul's husband. Anubhav Kanjilal brutally tortures Rajnandini Paul every night in the web series.

Simply put, you can watch this web series just for the acting. Because, in the "Sampurna" Bengali web series, Sohini Sarkar has given one hundred per cent of herself. She is amazing in every frame and every shot.

In terms of acting, the name that comes after Sohini Sarkar is Laboni Sarkar. There are many shades of her character. 

Sometimes the mother, sometimes the mother-in-law, sometimes the symbol of women forgetting all relationships.

Sohini Sarkar and Laboni Sarkar's performances are the best achievements of this web series. But if the screenplay was a little tighter, the Bengali web series "Sampurna" would have been fantastic. 

While the screenplay could have been tighter, Sohini Sarkar and Laboni Sarkar’s acting chops make ‘Sampurna’ worthwhile. 

Their layered, empathetic portrayals of complex women facing family and societal pressures give the show its heartbeat.

If you appreciate nuanced acting and compelling female-centric stories, don’t miss Sohini Sarkar and Laboni Sarkar shining in ‘Sampurna’. 

Their performances alone make this latest from director Sayantan Ghosal a must-watch.

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